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Cheap Experimental Chibi Commissions [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2018, 12:44 PM
Hi guys!

I decided to open some experimental chibi commissions for me to improve!

I don't know why I cannot manage to draw my OCs so I thought that other people's baby would motivate me! ♥

The chibis will be digital and fully colored n_n However, as said above, it is experimental so please note that colouring and lining may vary as this is for me to improve!
The drawing will only be the character, there won't be any background unless if I feel like adding one (if so you'll get both with and without bg ver.)

Here are some examples of what my chibis look like for now:
I know it is not a lot of examples, sorry ;v;

Be free! by Miunadeli  Hisae by Miunadeli

To begin with I will only take 5 commissions to see how I go with it and how long it takes me!

Their price will be of 3€ or 330 points (1€ = 110 points)

Thank you for your interest!

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Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use)  The first two persons to commission me will get another chibi for free!  Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use)  You are free to choose a different character or the same one in another expression / pose~

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If interested please comment or note me with this form:

OC reference:
Expression / pose:
Anything else I should know:
How do you pay: PayPal / Points

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June 15, 2018


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