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Contest Winners!! + Random winner annouced!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 1, 2018, 4:34 AM

Hi everyone!~

The winners of my contest will finaly be announced!
My apologizes for the tiny delay!

First of all, I want to say thank you all so much for the hard work you put in your drawings and for your wonderful, beautiful and unique piece of arts!
There was so many different styles, each having its own charm, I really did love that, seeing all these differences that make every artist unique.
I won't lie, it was so hard to come to a final choice but we had to, so here it is Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1]

 1st place
(Contest) Scrapbooking [+Speedpaint] by Moraii
Who wins $50 OR 1 year core (you choose)
+ a little chibi from NezhieI

2nd place
[Contest] Fanart Seiji and Yuji by bizzybiin
Who wins $30 OR 3 months core + $15 OR 3 months core for you + 3 months core for a friend of yours (you choose)
+ a little chibi from NezhieI

3rd place
Contest entry +GIGI+ by panafal
Who wins $15 OR 3 months core (you choose)
+ a little chibi from NezhieI

And the two extra winners are:
Contest Entry: Draw my OC by KentaPumpkin
KentaPumpkin who wins a chibi from NezhieI
Dreaming of the stars [Contest] by WIonW
WIonW who wins a little chibi from NezhieI

Random Prize
Random Winner by Miunadeli
Aaand the random prize goes to AlucardHouse, congrats!!
You win $5 + a little chibi from NezhieI n_n
I will note you shortly ♥

Congrats to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered the contest!

heart balloons 

I will note each of the winner today asking your gift choice and with the info you need to get your drawing from NezhieI n_n

/!\If I do not receive an answer within a week, someone else will be given your prize!/!\

heart balloons 

Thank you once again so much to all of you <3
I hope you had fun!
Please do not be sad if you did not win, all your arts were beautiful but we unfortunately could not give gifts to everyone ;v;
You all are amazing!! Thank you!

heart balloons 

Have one last look to the entries here if you want to

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Huge OCs sale! *URGENT* [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 15, 2018, 9:13 AM

Okay sooo it's been almost 2 months now since I do not have a job anymore aaaand because of that I need to sell more of my babies...

The OCs I am selling are some that I have not find any story for yet, so I am not too strongly attached to them... Even if I like most of their designs ;w; But I need money so unfortunately I cannot keep them.
If you have any question, please feel free to ask!
I hope they will find a caring and loving home ♥

If you are interested, here they are:

You can find them on this link:…

Also, I strongly prefer PayPal but I may be up for offers, feel free to ask me!!
I can also agree to get DA points instead of USD if you really cannot do otherwise!


You will have to pay within 24 hours!
Trades have to be done within 3 months!

Once adopted, you will get the full sized and unwatermarked files ♥

It would really help me a lot if you could help me share ♥

Thank you for passing by~ n_n

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Cheap Experimental Chibi Commissions [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 15, 2018, 12:44 PM
Hi guys!

I decided to open some experimental chibi commissions for me to improve!

I don't know why I cannot manage to draw my OCs so I thought that other people's baby would motivate me! ♥

The chibis will be digital and fully colored n_n However, as said above, it is experimental so please note that colouring and lining may vary as this is for me to improve!
The drawing will only be the character, there won't be any background unless if I feel like adding one (if so you'll get both with and without bg ver.)

Here are some examples of what my chibis look like for now:
I know it is not a lot of examples, sorry ;v;

Be free! by Miunadeli  Hisae by Miunadeli

To begin with I will only take 5 commissions to see how I go with it and how long it takes me!

Their price will be of 3€ or 330 points (1€ = 110 points)

Thank you for your interest!

Transparent Lace Divider  

Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use)  The first two persons to commission me will get another chibi for free!  Neko Emoji-28 (Yay sho happy) [V2] 
Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use)  You are free to choose a different character or the same one in another expression / pose~

Transparent Lace Divider  

If interested please comment or note me with this form:

OC reference:
Expression / pose:
Anything else I should know:
How do you pay: PayPal / Points

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OCs relationship [OPEN] Whimsical

Thu Apr 5, 2018, 12:59 PM
Hi everyone~

So as the title says, I am looking for relationships for some of my OCs!
Actually only for one at the moment but I might add more later!

I will specify what I am looking for for them so, please, only show me OCs that fit the criteria~ ♥

It will be presented that way:
Name of my OC
Link to my OC
Gender I am looking for
Type of relationship I am looking for
Species I am looking for

(f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet 

Before introducing my OCs to you there are just some rules that I will please ask you to follow:

1- You will have to draw or commission art of our OCs together.
If I am the only one to do so and see that you are doing this just for free art I reserve myself the right to end the relationship
Of course I do not wait for you to always draw them! But at least two or three drawings a year would be a great start!

2- Please respect the personalities, hobbies, etc of my OCs, do not change them!
If you are unsure about anything feel free to ask!

(f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet (f2u) pink ribbon bullet 

~My OC~

Gender: Male or Female
Relationship: Friend
Species: Whimsical only!

Thank you for your interest! n_n ♥

Created by KathleenMitch
Shooting Star (Right) little star Shooting Star 

The contest is now CLOSED!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined!
There are so many beautiful entries! It is not going to be easy to choose the winners but I'm also really happy that I got so many talented artists to draw my babies ♥
Also, thank you so much for the huge success that my contest got thanks to all of you! I really was not expecting that!

The decision should be made within two weeks, so at the latest the winners should be announced around July 15th!
The final decision will be delayed a bit as we both got busier than we thought and did not got enough time to completely agree on the winners, my apologies for that!
Though, the decision will be given at the latest on July 31st! Thank you for your patience ♥

I hope you all enjoyed the contest and had a lot of fun!

To all of you, a huge thank you!! ♥

Shooting Star (Right) little star Shooting Star


The contest will be extended until July 1st


2 more prizes will be added:

- 1 chibi by Neiziel

- 1 little chibi by Neiziel

(For these two I will pick two arts that really get to me ♥)

I hope that you are all having fun so far!!

Shooting Star (Right) little star Shooting Star 

* Hi guys! * 

It's been quite a long time since I've been thinking of doing a "draw my OCs" contest so here it is! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Yay Hurray) [V2] 

Please read carefully the rules until the end Lovely Shoujo (Nods) [V4] 

little star 

To participate please:

- Fave this journal and share it in a journal or a poll and comment HERE with a link so I can see it!

- Tag 3 people if you want one more ticket for the random prize. (Please tag you friends in your comment!)

- Send me your art via note. Do not post it in a comment.

If you submit your drawing on your DeviantArt page please mention the contest and myself!
little star  

There will be 3 prizes:

Pastel Yellow Star Bullet 1st place: $50 OR 1 year core (you choose)
Pastel Yellow Star Bullet 2nd place: $30 OR 3 months core + $15 OR 3 months core for you + 3 months core for a friend of yours (you choose)
Pastel Yellow Star Bullet 3rd place: $15 OR 3 months core (you choose)

And there will be a random winner who will get a $5 as a thank you for his participation!
(If you do not draw anything you will be removed from the raffle!)

Moreover, every of the four winners will get a free little chibi from NezhieI

Everyone can participate, you do not have to be a watcher.

 Obviously, I would love to gift any of you who will participate but this just impossible! Just know that you will all have my absolute gratitude for doing your best with my babies Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 

Finally, please note that this is a contest based on quality and not quantity! You can do more than one drawing but please note that you won't have more chances to win because of that. Quality first!

The choice of the 3 first places will be done by myself and a friend and the random winner will be chosen with a random simulator!

Shooting Star (Right) little star Shooting Star 


The contest will end the 1st of July 2018.
You can submit your art all along during those 3 months.

I think that's it for the rules, let me know if you have any question or think that I have forgotten something in the "Please ask your questions here" section!

Shooting Star (Right) little star Shooting Star 

What to draw

You can draw one OC or more, this is up to you!

Sooo here are my babies! You can choose the one(s) that you like best among the ones I'll show you here and you can draw couples or friends together if you would like to! Please do not draw OCs together that have no connections at all and please read the bio of the one(s) you will choose to draw! Also, the drawing can be anything, from the headshot to the full body to the chibi, with or without background, just be happy with what you draw ♥
Please if you also have a let me know so I can authorize you to see the unwatermarked version Lovely Shoujo (Spy) [V]  

little star little star little star 

OCs that should be drawn alone:

Lia by Miunadeli Lia
(please credit Nyxium for the Medi-Borg species if drawing Lia)

Image By As Adoptables-dbguu1i by Miunadeli Gigi

Soda Pop Berry By Cutenikechan-dbkqe4p by Miunadeli Miunadeli By Cutenikechan-dbkr1d5 by Miunadeli Koko 

6666662 By Hell Alka-dbp5a2y by Miunadeli  666 By Hell Alka-dbp5a3s by Miunadeli Rexa

Image By As Adoptables-dbl2mre by Miunadeli Kanon

Diamond by Miunadeli Diamond

Cosmog By Purin Pyon-daq6hbn by Miunadeli Yuuni

Aria / Maria by Miunadeli Aria

Puppy by Miunadeli   1522342767-sirchbbl by Miunadeli Milena
Human Ver By Black Quose-dc3v068 by Miunadeli   Merman Ver By Black Quose-dc3v06u by Miunadeli Zen

little star 

OCs that you can draw alone OR together:

2 By Yoclesh-dajptzx by Miunadeli    240  2 3 Commission   Tanya By Luce1301-dapjsh5 by Miunadeli Tanya and Adoptables 75    5  By Shiina Yuki-dan1sbq by MiunadeliChelsea

Image By As Adoptables-daoo97m by Miunadeli Adaline and  Image By As Adoptables-daofb7l Better Size by Miunadeli Kaname

 Auction  Random Adoptable 10  Closed  By Seraphy  by Miunadeli Fanny and  Image By As Adoptables-dbk19gl by Miunadeli Reito 

Image By As Adoptables-dbkwpaj by Miunadeli Seiji and  Image By As Adoptables-dbl2mrw by MiunadeliYūji

Justine by Miunadeli Justine and  Caline by Miunadeli Caline  and  Jennyfer CLOTHES CHANGE NO or not too much by Miunadeli Jennyfer

1506093585-12 by Miunadeli Profil by Miunadeli Caleb and   4 By Quakearts-dapc9c1 by Miunadeli Ryuk

little star 

OCs you can draw NSFW (ecchi/hentai) with:

The OCs only mentionned in this part cannot be drawn otherwise.
This include: Shun, Claire and Megan.

- Rexa
- Caleb and Ryuk
- Caleb and  Closed By Angxliq Dae49ty By Hyozoran-dateimf by Miunadeli Shun

-  Claire and  Megan

- Caleb and Claire and Megan (the three of them).

Shooting Star (Right) little star Shooting Star 

One last information for you~

Here are what we will judge you on:
- Quality of the art, how much effort you've put in it
- How well you've showed the characters personalities in your drawing
- Coloring
(Inspired by Milavana's previous contest)

Shooting Star (Right) little star Shooting Star 


Shooting Star (Right)     

Thank you for your interest in this contest!

Even if you do not want to enter, sharing or faving it is always appreciated ♥

I hope you will have fun!  
Lovely Shoujo (Hi Hello) [V2] 

New art of:


New OCs:

I didn't have the time to upload all of my new OCs on so there are more to come soon!


I'm writing this journal entry so that you can have a better look to my OCs if you want to!

But I'm especially doing it for the artits from whom I bought my dear babies to see what they are becoming if they would like to Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 
However I will only put here the OCs that I use the most so if you want to see them all you can just go through my here.

Sooo, here we go!! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Yay Hurray) [V2] 


 Akemi and Nanami 
 Adaline and Kaname 
 Anwar and Neaki 
 Reito Kanon Seiji  and  Yūji
 Chiwa and  Purin


 Ame and Miki 
 Ruka (collab with Nyxium)


 CalineJustine and Jennyfer  









 Lia (collab with Ginsuke)


 Poppy and Lucy  
 Kiya and Ryuu 







I know I have a lot of OCs but I love them all so much! 
I hope you like the idea of me posting them here and don't hesitate to tell me your thoughts about them Lovely Shoujo (Lovely Heart Dance) [V4] 
Also I think that I will update this journal entry everytime I'll get new art of my dear OCs  

Thanks for passing by! 
Aww I took such a long time to do this tag!
I was not quite active on DA lately ; v ;

I got tagged by Seraphy-chan n_n

So, first, the rules!
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.
(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character.)

Let me introduce you to Lyllia by Miunadeli

~ Lyllia ~

1. She comes from a tropical island unknown to 99.99% of the world!
2. One day when she was on the continent she had fun teasing people by appearing in front of them at the same time as a rainbow, and then disappearing with it. Some people have created legends around her because of that, and she thinks this is really funny.
3. It is not usual on her island to have blond hair.
4. Because of her hair colour she was badly treated when she was little by some jealous kids.
5. And because of that she hated her hair colour for a long time: blond + rainbow, so rare but such a burden...
6. But growing up she learned to live with it and to like her hair as it was.
7. She once tried to die her hair using cocoa but it did not worked quite well.
8. She is someone very heart-handed and she can't stay angry long against someone.

Her ToyHouse: Lyllia

I am now tagging (hoping you have not already been with these characters ; w ; )
Milavana with Hannah
Purin-pyon with Koemi
Hunibi with Annabel
Nyxium with Shiro
Jutsika with Chiaki
Shiina-Yuki with Silver
mellowshy with Nyumi
Seraphy-chan with Kou

Hope you enjoyed knowing more about my lil' girl! ♥
Aww ok so I was tagged by Seraphy-chan and I thought this was kind of funny so I am doing it n_n

1.Name - Adélie
2. Age - 22 ; v ;
3. Relationship status - Taken Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3]  
4. Piercings you have - Just the basic ones on ears ^^
5. Piercing you want - / 
6. Tattoos you have -  None
7. Tattoos you want - Polynesian tattoo on the right hip >w< 
8. Favorite blog - I don't knooow I never go on blogs x.x
9. The meaning behind your username- Aww well "Miuna" is the name of a girl from the anime Nagi no Asukara (which is so great and beautiful!!) and I thought it was pretty, and the end of my username "deli" is just to have it sound like my name ^^ So my username is a mix of a Japanese name and my real name Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 
10. Favorite band(s) at the moment - Well...... I listen to so many artists, I don't have any fave in particular x) But if I had to choose some... 21 Pilots (with Heathen, I'm listening so much to it!), Oh Wonder!, NCT U and forever Ed Sheeran (I love his voice and his texts so much! Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) )
11. Favorite movie(s) at the moment - Definitely Your Name! I just went to see it with my boyfriend last friday and this is so nice! The story is really great and the drawings are so beautiful! If you haven't seen it yet you should definitely have a look! n_n
12. A fact about my personality - I'm pretty shy, even if I have made progress while growing older x) But this is only with people that I don't know, with my friends I'm another person Neko Emoji-43 (Sneaky) [V3]  What else... I love to travel! But I'm also a real lazy girl and I love so much to spend time playing video games or reading mangas & watching anime Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]) More of that I just LOVE to eat! Lovely Shoujo (Full or Satisfied) [V4]  So lazy + eating... This is bad if you know what I mean Kawaii Shoujo (Ah) [V1] 
13. What I hate most about myself - The fact that I never feel stress when I have exams until the last minute! Because of this I never study enough u_u
14. What I love most about myself - Errr... I have no idea perhaps the fact that my body still does not get fat yet despite of all the sweets I eat Broken Fighting Dome (Aaaaaahhhhh...) 
15. What I want to be when I am older - I aim to be an English teacher ^^
16. Idea of the perfect date - Going out at night in the middle of nature to watch the full moon and having a picnic there (or bentos :3) and spending the night there to watch the sunrise when waking up Anime Emoji (Blushy) 
17. Things I hate most - People that bully others, selfish people and Brussels sprouts Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4] 
18. Weakness- Food! (as long as this is good Lovely Shoujo (Full or Satisfied) [V4])
19. Phobia- I think I have a bit of claustrophobia...
20. What I hate most about school university - Exams Lovely Shoujo (Err Drawing Blank) [V3] 
21. Things I find attractive in people- Their happiness! And the fact of having a nice personality! And tan skinned boys ; w ;
22. Biggest turn on - Can't answer, don't really know what this means?
23. Biggest turn off- Same than 22 ^^'
24. A random fact I know - My cat must have had a nightmare earlier today as she was sleeping quietly and suddenly jumped and run away under the table!! This was so funny x)
25. The last time I cried and why - Some years ago... Watching again the Lion King... Mufasa's death... I'm weak Lovely Shoujo (Crying) [V4] 
26. Looks or personality - Why? - Definitely personality! Just because beauty won't asure you that the person will be nice to you... You may be the most beautiful person in the world on the outside but a real detestable one on the inside...
27. Who are you going to tag? - Shiina-Yuki ~ Jutsika ~ Hunibi
Aaaaaaaaaaah ok so I had some talk with a great artist from DA and it made me think again of my way of using DeviantArt... And I won't lie, it at first made me feel pretty bad... Lovely Shoujo (Total shock) [V4] 

All I am doing here is mostly posting drawings of my OCs drawn by amazing artists, but thinking more about it, maybe my DA account should only be for my own art...
So starting from now I will stop posting drawings of other artists here, which means that there might not be a lot of drawings anymore as I do not really have time to draw, and the quality of the drawings will be way lower... But at least I won't feel as if I was doing something wrong.
However I will create a ToyHouse account and very possibly too an Instagram account. I will put the links here and in my profile once done! (If you know other nice sites to share your OCs and their story please tell me!)

I want to thank again this artist who made me really think about all this, I haven't seen things that way before but now I think that I was not using DA properly.

I wish you all a happy holiday, enjoy it!~ Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3]  
Soooooooooooooooo let me introduce you my first closed species!! Anime Emoji (Yaay) 
Their name is based on "Hana" which means flower in Japanase and "Aijou" which means dear/precious daughter in Japanese as well.

~ Story ~

A mad scientist once created these little girls. To him they were the mixing of the two most beautiful things in the world: flowers and pure young girls. As he did not wanted them to be blind he decided to operate only one of their eyes. What he did was to anaesthetized them fully so they feel no pain, then to took off the eye carefully. Once done he inserted inside the cavity of the eye a product only known by himself to make the flower bloomy forever and he then added a flower that he carefully chose between the most beautiful ones and sewed everything. This product will flow through the body to the heart where the scientist would have placed a seed of the flower he has choosen. That way with the seed and the liquid product the flower will never die.

Then the little girl had to rest and he had to take good care of the new "eye" for it not to get infected. It has to be pretty. If an eye was getting too bad and could not be recovered or if a flower faded, then he will leave the little girl all by herself in the wild woods. What then happened to her no one knows... Some said that they saw stange looking girls in the woods with a scary face... Others that they saw devilish flowers running through the woods as ghosts... So who knows what these poor girls become in the woods...

Where the scientist got the little girls is still unknown but it is said that he went to poor orphanages of far away countries or even asked famillies in need to adopt them in exchange of money, food and supplies. He loved them more than anything and treated them as his little jewels. He raised them as pretty precious flowers in his huge house, almost a villa or a manor with numerous rooms and alsot with a huge garden. They is a greenhouse in his garden for them to rest under the sun when they need to recover from something as an injury or lack of sleep for example. The sun acts on them as on a flower, it nourish them.

Once the girls started to have their mentruations the scientist was very careful not to let them go outside of his property so that they won't ever met a man nor get pregnant. His precious jewells could not have sex, it was just impensable to him. Of course he did not think of girls having relations between themselves... He was a too old-minded man to think they would ever do that, even if some of them did.

The mad scientist became old and is now dead and these little beauties are left to themselves in a world that they don't know.
Sure, they have his house and that place to live, but despite that, most of them know nothing about the outside world, nor about real masculine boys and sexuality. If they were to meet a man, they would act very shy at first for sure and won't know how to react. They would be destabilised.

~ Characteristics ~

  • Hanaijou are mainly girls but there is still some little cute guys only.
  • Sometimes the mad scientist decided to add a button to the flower but this is very rare!
  • As well sometimes he hung petals on their eyelashes but this is rare too.
  • We can find all types of flowers but some are more rare and precious than others!
  • This is mainly young children and teenagers (10-16) but there is some older ones!
  • All of them had a precise job to do in the house and their clothes corresponded to it.
  • Some where his favourites. They have their flower on the side of the heart and they have privileges, they have no job to do. He offered them many things.

Please tell me what you think of them and their story! And if you have questions please feel free to ask!

I will do my best to show you some drawings soon, but for now I really do not have the time for it ><'

I might update their story or any detail or characteristic.