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Ciel Half-Cage Tutorial .En.

By Mitz-chan
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So, it's finally done!

I'm really sorry for the delay on this tutorial, but it turned out to be harder than I expected to explain everything. Even harder to translate it to english! XD

I'm very meticulous, so, I think many of you regret now the fact that I finally finished the Tutorial, and that it seems terrifying! XDDDD

Sorry if there's too much in it, but it was the best way I found to explain everything in tiny details. Hope it's usefull to all of you guys ^-^

Feel free to ask anything that's not clear enough on the tutorial, I'll be glad to answer.

Finally, thnks a LOT to my friends who helped me translating and reviewing this ^-^

Link to the video, by :iconlita-oliveira: : [link]

Review: :iconsaphira-rius: and sam
Translation: :iconjmayura: and Sam ^--^

Versão em português: [link]
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Bravo !!

FWIW, I'm collecting ideas for my PoserPro WIP, 'Princess Pea', a cute alien bug-girl with a *big* bee-butt.

To have anatomically plausible butt, I reckon bustle would have to attach to bra-top's under-bust band...
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I hope you're still checking this account! In the beginning of the tutorial, you use polystyrene, but what happens with that at the end? Does it become part of the cage? Or was it used just to support the cage while gluing?
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The Polysterene sheet is just for suport, so I can attach all the stripes with the right distance between each other. I remove the sheet and it is not a part of the cage. Sorry for the late reply, I hardly access my deviantart hahaha~
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Would this work alright for a 1/4 cage instead of 1/2?
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I didn't quite understand the question... hduiashdaihus But I gess maybe it will lol
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I am making this as I type, thank you so much oh my godddd.
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Hahaha! No prob! I'm glad it is useful :DD~~
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Thnks! I'm glad it helps!
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I just have to ask this: Do you think it will ''melt'' if it's raining outside???
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Well, it is a possibility, hahaha, since it's made of paper. You could try something like plastic, or some kind of ink that makes the paper waterproof :3 G luck w that =D
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You could try covering it in a layer of mod podge. It still wouldn't be water-proof but at least if a few droplets get on it, it will be less likely to melt and crumble away. I wouldn't suggest getting it too wet though even with the mod podge.
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Thanks for the sugestion!! But next I'll try to make it with plastic and some wire, I drestroyed the original, hahaha... but if I do it with plastic again, I'll remember this! Thanks again :squee:
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Thnks a lot! I'm glad it's helpful! =DDD
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:D it really is coz i was thinking this for next cosplay :)
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Thank you for sharing c:
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My pleasure! Glad you like it! =D
Phantom-Cosplay's avatar
Thanks for sharing! It will help me lots! *^*
Mitz-chan's avatar
No problem! I'm glad it's useful! =D
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This looks epic. Thanks for posting this. :D
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My pleasure ^-^
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Thank you sooo much for this tutorial! So it's only paper! That's amazing =o
I hope I will be able to make one! Thank you again! :heart:
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