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...looks like a NE-trending right-lateral strike-slip fault offsetting a road or fence.

P.S. I'm not dead. My tablet is, though. I am expecting an upgrade soon. And maybe also a little more free time...
I realize I don't upload stuff here very often anymore. I've still been drawing a lot, though! I've just been more active with uploading stuff on some character-specific accounts. :iconaskriversideca: and :iconasksanbernardino: are where much more is going down these days, if you're interested.
On the one hand, I never really use this name on the internet anymore except for here. I could change it to the name I use pretty much everywhere else.
But on the other hand, I've been on dA for over ten years, and it might feel weird to have a different account name this late in the game.

Gah, I dunno.
I'm yoinking this one from Alexander-Rowe!

For each of the 10 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

(Yes, the original meme says 20 people, but I have far fewer followers than Mika does, so.)

1. :iconalexander-rowe: Aftermath -art trade- by Alexander-Rowe W e T h e P e o p l e by Alexander-Rowe You sure you don't want one by Alexander-Rowe
2. :iconlizzyisearth: :thumb294195214: :thumb293320842: :thumb257992901:
3. :iconyesthisismak:
4. :icongrygirl8: City Chibis by GryGirl8 Crescit Eundo by GryGirl8 TWU: Pollera de Gala by GryGirl8
5. :iconodinite: Butterfly of the Dead by Odinite Eclipse Mask Front View by Odinite Pomegranate Gorget by Odinite
6. :iconwoopsadaisy10: :thumb269537810: :thumb268837965: :thumb271873192:
7. :iconlil-lamb90: AZ fiery nightmare by Lil-lamb90 My Mexico-tan ID by Lil-lamb90 ::In Case Of A Zombie Apocalypse:: by Lil-lamb90
8. :iconshinyhappygoth: Princess Fiona by shinyhappygoth Prince Enzo by shinyhappygoth Sam Manson at CamFest by shinyhappygoth
9. :iconnvj4916: Tractor Driving for Idiots by nvj4916 Bella by nvj4916 I am scared.I am scared.
I am scared.
I am scared of spiders. They bring out the fear, of the little girl, in me. I can't be a little girl anymore. I have to be able to be me for everyone else. I am no longer a little girl. That is no longer me.
I am scared of heartbreak. I try to keep my heart closed. If my heart is closed then nothing can get it in; nobody can destroy me from the inside out.
I am scared of complete silence. If there is complete silence that means life can't be found. The quiet scares me because it yells the truth until heard.
I am scared of being alone. If I am alone there is no one around to give me reason to keep going. If I am alone I feel vacant.
I am scared of death. After I die there isn't heaven or hell just blackness. In the blackness I would sit alone. Alone I would think of how foolish I had been in the past. Once I realized how foolish I was, I would want to beat myself up and die but, I was already dead.

10. :iconironpaw: Quezon City Superhero by Ironpaw Bun Sniffs Gambels Quail by Ironpaw New Mexican Plains by Ironpaw
Now that my quals are over, I should be more present around these here parts again.

Also, as of 27 January, I have been on dA for a whopping ten years. It may very well be the site on which I've been consistently active for the second longest amount of time. (Though the first place site has been pretty inactive on the whole. Whoa.)

ALSO also! I still have those personified San Francisco landmarks calendars! They're $10 now, and they're here:…
Remember how I was going on and on and on about making a calendar featuring my personified San Francisco landmark characters?
And remember how I was basically begging for money?
And then remember how I basically didn't upload anything for a good month or so?

That is because the calendar is finished aaaand it's available!
It's a 12-month calendar, printed on thick semi-gloss paper. It's 8.5x11, unfolding to 11x17. It features my interpretations of the Painted Ladies, Alcatraz, some F-Market streetcars, the Ferry Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, City Hall, Sutro Tower, some cable cars, Coit Tower, the Palace of Fine Arts, the Bay Bridge, and the Transamerica Pyramid as humans. You know these characters! Now see them with full backgrounds and stuff!

You know you want one. Or even if you don't want one, you know you know somebody who wants one. But you probably want one, too, riiiiight? ^______________^

Should you, in fact, want one, clicky here! And thank you!
So, remember how, back in June, I mentioned making a calendar featuring my personified San Francisco landmark characters?

Well, I'm going for it!

I'm even going to try and get them nicely professionally printed, rather than going the print-on-demand route. I can't afford that on my own, though, which is why I'm using Kickstarter to try and raise the money I need to print and ship these things. If you're at all interested in this project, you would have my deepest of thanks if you contributed a little to the project. You'll be helping print this, and it also puts you to get copies of the calendar (and other related goodies).

I'm trying to raise $3000 for this by 5:04 PM on 17 October. If the project doesn't reach that goal, nobody has to pay a cent. If it does reach that goal, I will be the happiest of campers!

Here's the link again, not that I'm shameless or anything.

If I were to make a personified San Francisco landmarks calendar, would that be something any of you would be interested in seeing or maybe buying?

ADDED NOTE: No, it will not be a pinup calendar! It will be a regular G-rated calendar, based on those calendars with the photos of prominent landmarks within a city, just with the characters instead of the actual structures.
That drawing of Karl the Fog is as PG-13 as you'll ever see my gallery get, I absolutely promise you.
Hello all!

Sorry this isn't a more substantial journal, but I am wondering about something!
See, I usually get 4 or 5 pageviews per day, but today, I'm already past 130. This is exciting to me, but I'm wondering what brought it on!
Did something I drew get linked somewhere? Or have the fates finally converged on putting attention on this website after nearly nine years?
Could someone please enlighten me?

Thank you all!
(Llamas are always reciprocated!)
Sooo, I was contemplating doing one of those thingies where I drew a picture for someone if they noticed when I got 10,000 pageviews. I assumed this was going to happen a while from now, and wasn't paying really close attention, so I didn't post anything yet.
Except, erm. At 10,000 now. Just noticed! After eight years on dA, ahahah.
So yeah. Probably didn't need to post about this, since I didn't get the opportunity to post some sort of contest, but...maybe once I'm done with my thesis defense, I'll have some other sort of contest. Yes.

Thank you all for watching and clicking!
As I'm sure you all know, I have done plenty of artwork related to earthquakes. Going from this, it seems only logical that I should use art to help with earthquake relief, if at all possible. Putting Haiti back together again is going to take a lot of time, a lot of people, and a lot of money, but every little bit helps. I've decided, then, that my little bit should be to offer commissions, and donate the profits to charity (probably either the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders).

Here's how it'll work:
-For US $15 + the cost of shipping the picture to you, I'll do a color marker drawing of one of your characters, with a simple background.
-The full $15 goes to Haiti earthquake relief.
-It's good for you, because you get a drawing of your character, plus the knowledge that the money is going toward a good cause.
-It's good for me, because I like drawing stuff for other people, it's a good artistic challenge, and I know it's helping with a good cause.
-It's good for Haiti, because every little bit will help make a few people's lives recover after disaster, at least.

If you want one, here's what you do:
-Comment here, send me a DA note, or shoot me an email (mityashostak at gmail dot com) saying that you want in.
-Tell me about the character. Include references if at all possible! I'll draw in my own style, but references are still super helpful. If you absolutely do not have any drawn references, please give me a detailed verbal description of the character!
-Tell me what kind of pose you want (but keep it PG-13 or under, please), and what kind of background. (Please keep the background simple - this is not the time for fiddly nitpicky cityscapes.)
-Once I have this information, I'll contact you about where to send the money, and ask you about where I should ship the picture.

I have no idea how many of these people will ask for, so for the time being, I'm keeping the commissions open until 31 January. I do reserve the right to cut off sooner, though, if need be. This is not because I want to limit the donations! Rather, it's because, as a graduate student, I don't have the world's largest chunk of free time. I want to be sure I get these drawings done and sent to you within a reasonable amount of time; you shouldn't have to wait months and months.
I'm sure you're all sick of that entry about my MA, anyway.
I yoinked this from :iconioyousbook:, among others.

Name a character I write or have written, and I'll tell you:

1. What initially prompted me to write/draw them.
2. One of their best traits.
3. One of their worst traits.
4. How easy/difficult I find it to write/draw the character.
5. The moment where I feel that I truly captured the character.
6. My plans to write/draw the character in the near future.
I CAN has Master's degree!

So it might have taken me six years and three months on DA, but I got my 5000th pageview today! Not even something I generally track, but all those zeroes stand out a bit from the rest of the stats on there. Thanks for watching, guys! Glad you've been interested in what I've been doing!

(I'll be doing more art once this school year is over. Definitely.)
So, I brought my scanner with me when I went to visit my parents. I used while I was there, so it was not a total waste of space. Still, it might have been better to wait to scan stuff when I got back to California, because the stupid airline baggage people BROKE MY SCANNER. Not only am I down one means of uploading art, but there is broken glass in my suitcase. Grr.
I'm working on some stuff, but it may be longer than usual before you all see it.
Yoinked from everywhere!

The first 10 people who post in this journal will be featured. I will go though your gallery and choose three of your deviations I like most and post them in my journal for everyone to see! It's pretty much to show you off. Who doesn't want that? So, just be the first 10 to post and voila! Only catch is, you should post this in your own journal.

1. :iconioyousbook:
It is hard to pick three particular favorites of Fwirl's, both because she is very prolific and all of the prolificness rocks. So, three recentish ones.… -- He's a gryphon styled after the Yellow Submarine. How freaking awesome is that?… -- Love the RoboBeatles in general, and the expressions and the caption on this crack me up.… -- Shiny colors! Shiny stylization! Floating fish!

2. :iconperdidostreetstation:
Jason is one of those people who does a zillion things well, be that photography, writing, or running websites.… - Nasty drizzly weather has never looked more abstractly awesome.… - Really nice shot of fall leaves, in terms of perspective/setup, colors, and caption.… - The textures on this are really really neat.

3. :iconcarolin54323:
I get to talk music geekery AND art with Carolin! It is good!… - A simple landscape done with striking colors. I think the way the colors draw the attention to the center is excellent.… - Inspired by Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on Greensleeves. Love that piece! And the drawing suits it very well!… - Again, really good use of color to highlight composition. And teach me how to draw hands, ok, 'cause these are waaay better than I can do.

4. :iconvulpera:
I knew Vulpera as a writer first, thanks to the Redwall fandom, and did not know she did art until quite a while after I read her writing. Silly me!… - I think the coloring on the hair in this looks really good, and I like the use of patterns.… - This is an /impressively/ huge undertaking.… - This suddenly seems to be a whole lot ahead of the other humans earlier in the gallery, a lot of progress indeed.

5. :icontraxer:
I've just been getting to know Geo through the RFF, and no matter how weird and un-get-able he thinks his sense of humor is, I like it. So there.… - I am reminded of my own doodles from math class. "Get me out of here! Aaaaaah!"… - Headless horsecoon. Phantom coon of the opera. Freddy Coonger. Yes.… - The utter lack of a good reason for this makes me incredibly happy.

It looks like comments are finally working properly for me again. I'm seeing some new ones, as well as ones that show up as new on my messages even though they're responses to older things, so they might be older ones showing up as new.
ANYWAY. That means I will be responding to comments again, as I have things to respond to.

I will also be uploading more soonish, since NaNoWriMo is aaalmost over. And I am behind. Wagh.
So, DA seems to be telling me that I have more messages than I actually have when I click on the link. I don't know what's up with this. If people have been leaving me bunches of comments and I have showed no sign of acknowledging their existence, this is why -- I can't see the comments at all!
Guess who's going to be a published comics artist?
So, elegantart tagged me with a meme.

The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. Then you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Also, leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours!

-I have an incredibly hard time expressing that I am proud of work I have done individually. I brag about the orchestras I'm in all the time, but when it comes to individual work, I'll seldom say more than "I had fun working on this" or "I'm pretty pleased with how it came out." This applies to music, art, writing, and pretty much everything else. For things like resumes, I'll sometimes actually forget to put in some relevant positive information, and in bios for concert programs, I never say more than the barest few sentences. This is partly because I am dreadfully afraid of coming across as egotistical, so I dare not praise my own work no matter how I may feel about it. This is also partly due to the fact that, if I don't tell myself I'm proud of something to begin with, negative criticism won't make me feel as incompetent.

-My left leg is nearly an inch shorter than my right leg. It's not visibly noticeable unless I stretch my legs out next to each other, but it makes my left foot and knee hurt.

-I have a sort of "radar sense" for things that interest me. If someone says "Mahler" on the other end of a crowded room, I will hear it.

-When I was about four or five, I was a rabid Beatles fan. I resultantly signed some paintings from pre-school and kindergarten with the name "John."

-If I laugh too hard, I have to take my athsma medication. There are plenty of other things that set off my athsma, but this is definitely the most unfair of the lot.

-I hate it when people insist that I have to be a "modern" composer. My music will be new during my lifetime by virtue of the fact that I just wrote it, but why does it have to sound new for the sake of sounding new? My musical influences are the composers whose music I enjoy, whose music effects me emotionally. If those composers are old and dead, that's fine, and if they're my own age, that's also fine. I hate it when people insist I have to be part of a specific musical movement/era as opposed to allowing me to write what I feel inspire to write, and I hate it when people tell me certain things are outdated, nevermind that they have been used by composers for centuries.

Here's who I'm tagging. If any of you have already been tagged by someone else, sorry about that!
:iconmayonakaryoko: :iconcrazycowproductions: :iconkayla-silvercat: :iconeleganze: :iconcatamount: :iconsnailbird:

Unrelatedly, the project-in-progress will not be up this weekend after all, but definitely sometime in the coming week.