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June 6, 2013
Walk around the city by ~MittMac
Suggested by sincebecomeswhy
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Walk around the city

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That's Europe in the 25th century :P
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1/10 not futuristic enough. Needs more hexagons.
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
Oh hey also congrats on the DD!
Razvan-Sedekiah's avatar
SOOOO COOL! You just get better and better! It's been fun watching your progress. Lovely work! Very full of life!
MittMac's avatar
Thanks Kim! Keep it rollin' :)
Hi I am the editor of Islam and Sci-Fi. I was wondering if we could use this image on our website with proper credit of course. Here is the link to our site:
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Yeah sure. I'll send you a message about it :)
Deadly Awesome...
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nice , it is impressive to see a sci-fi imagination of islamic culture
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Fehmy-el-khenissi's avatar
I love it so much .... GooooooooooD WorKKK :)
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I was in Awe when i glanced at this work. From a distance it seems to be real. Sadly, when I zoomed in, i realized that this is a more advanced environment. Wonderfully done, the colors pop, and the work you have done seems to pull you into the image, and its story.
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I'm glad you awed, although don't be sad. Don't rely on images to make you feel that way. There is always imagination :)
Wild-N-Stuff's avatar
Agreed on all terms there!
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This is so amazing! Very interesting style. Congratulations!
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Zeer gaaf!! :D
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Looks star wars familiar some how
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