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Material study - rocks

While going through older work I found this material study. 2012
Was planning to do around 10 or 15 more of those with a wide variety of materials. Maybe in the future :)
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Thank you. I want to study your rocks.

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Lovely, very inspirational. :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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I love how each rock isn’t just different colors and shades but entirely different.
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nice, interesting, beautiful! Added to Fav. =)
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wow.. Awesome. :) Hat's off to u dear. 
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Beautiful! Very good work. Realism on point
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... :( damn good job. 
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This is really helpful.
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What sorcery is this?
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I love the colors and textures you choose! It shows a lot of variety and beauty. You have a lot of talent on your hands! :)
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How did you do this? Straight 2D drawing/painting, or is it rendered in some 3D resource?
Oh yeah and: as other have said, very cool!
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This is very cool dude
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Nice, I need to know how to do this stuff better.
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Really interesting way to study will try to incorporate to my study thank you
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Any book or tutorial teaching how to do that?
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Great resource!
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This is really neat :B <3 Thanks for uploading!
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 :icongoatplz: I'm cravin' that mineral!
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Really great study! 
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