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I'll be honest, I'll never bee na sucker for dA. It's been somewhere to dump my photos and drawings and to fawn over artists with greater skill than me. However, recently I've been using this page of mine more and more, and sort of grown to like it. Now that my new job has given me more free time than the previous year (thank goodness) I've been able to spend more time on the computer, editing pictures, plotting costumes and wasting my time, yay! So I'll become a more frequent visitor of this page in the future, trust me.

It's pretty sad how I never seem to have anything to write in these journal-things. Maybe that's why I have never been able to follow up on my blog writing, lol.

For now, I'm sitting at the kitchen table, plotting my latest project. Or more like, picking up my costume-baby from the shelf and finally starting to work on it again. Garrus will have to be finished before KultCon, and so he will. I really want to make a costume for KultCon that will follow this years unofficial theme, but we'll see how much time I'll have. In my mind I've already decided to take on Shugo from .hack// as well, mostly because I -need- that hat.

Garrus first! Then we'll see what happens in the future <3
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OOoh~ cool with Garus :3 När blir mass-effect gruppen av?
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KultCon förhoppningsvis!
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Nice! Take awesome pics~