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So, my week's suspension is finally over.

To those wondering why I was suspended in the first place - that was my own bad; I had re-submitted an image that had been deleted by a mod (who claimed it was prohibited content; in this case, child porn)

The image in question can be found here - www.paperdemon.com/rcart/view/…

According to DA's new 'epilogues do not count' policy, this image is deemed underaged porn because, according to DA, Kagome will forever be 15,. even though Rumiko Takahashi made it clear at the end that Kagome is 18 and married to Inuyasha.

Thinking the policy was utterly bogus, I re-resubmitted the image and outright challenged the moderators when I stated in the description 'unless you're Rumiko Takahashi (holding the character's copywright) and you have some actual valid reason, you cannot delete this image based on such a bogus claim'.

And thus - the image was deleted again and I was suspended for a week.

During that time, I could read journals, but could not reply to anything. I saw realitysquared's journal pertaining to the 'ever present' policy pertaining to this subject (epilogues being obsolete and why - which, according to archive.org, never existed until just recently) and just grew more disgusted - especially when he deemed everyone who liked illustrating canonly adult couples as of the epilogue/looking at such images were pedophilic freaks. And, depsite the fact he invites people to debate his decision, he ignored them - only answering to the folks who praised his decision and insulted the others who posed valid, mature arguments against his decision.

It's because of that completely insulting behavior (and the fact that DA cannot even abide by their own set rules when it comes to violations on image content and copywright infringement) that I have decided to leave the site.

If things change, I may consider coming back - but until then, all my fanarts will be placed on Paperdemon.com and my furry art will be available on Furaffinity.net (in both cases, I can be found under the username Fluffball).

Thank you to all of you who have watched me over the years; I really do appreciate your interest and comments. But I just can't consciously be part of a site that handles things in such deplorable ways.
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Soo.....what you're saying is that realitysquared is a hypocrite?