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Aki and Rin

arr the bg was so rushed and i had a HUGe mistake in it and couldn't fix it so i had to color over it with lots of different colors...couldn't smudge or blur or else the whole thing would be blurred/smudged.

anyways uhm the girl is aki and the guy is rin from my mangainmyhead ;D Rin looks odd but i like how aki kinda turned out +_+; OH and the logos OY are from my website since my website's name is..well "oy" >_>;

btw the crap on the wall is supposed to be "acke" which is my..other alias.gawsh i have way too many..anyways ignore the crappy imitation of graffiti lettering..i really don't know how to make it look cool like everyone else..i'm sorry i have failed -cri-
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nice. Your a very good artist! =D
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It's still good! I luv the perspective!
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THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN ONE OF MY FAVORITE PICS YOU DREW!!! seriously, i really like this style, [among with your others :3] and I LOOOVE the way you colored it! you could totally see two different skin tones and such understanding of it it's so cool! and the eyes, MAAAN, do i love the eyes! XD i just love the coloring, really! and the fingers are cool :D i think the background is nice! and it's cool you signed it like that :3 oohhhh, and do i love aki and rin~~~
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I just love love LOVE how you color your pictures. They look so beautiful and amazing and cool and great and and and..

I like this. is too good. Like everyone of your drawings are ^___________^
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awesome picture! *-* I don't know what you're talking about the rush in the BG.. if you wanna see rush, look at my crappy bgs. XD XD
hyouriittai's avatar
You CG monster! Your stuff is always so clean, I love it. Great job. I'm hoping to see more, eh?
pinkmonkey's avatar
whaaaaaat mistake?!?! I don't see any^^ i love this!
starkmaster's avatar
this is cool. i love the angle of the "shot"!
savage-radish's avatar
daamn this is so good!! i love the coloring on their hair and the expressions are awesome! you did the foreshortening on the hands really well also. Cool "oy" logos btw, hehe :D (Big Grin)
vaeran's avatar
Aha, this is really nice. :D (Big Grin) I like the colouring, but I think I like the way you did the guy's expression best. :P (Lick) Fwee, I shall eat you and consume your powers~
bright-nature's avatar
=^^= i dun see a single mistake either!!! XD the BG fits with the pic so well~~ Heart ah they're sooo cute!! Love +fav Aww ;) (Wink)
avexbeat's avatar
So adorable!! Ehh? I dont see a mistake in the bg~ it looks cool as always =P (Razz)
MediaViolence's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! I love the coloring, and their faces are both very cute in their own ways^_^ The perspective is nicely handled and I think the graffitti actually looks perfect to me!
mayuchan's avatar
Oo I love this! The perspective is awesome, and the poses are neat too! Not to mention the coloring and background (I didn't see anything wrong with it!)
turlen's avatar
I have done that too! tehe
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AGH Too cute... my eyes... burning.

Aki's hair is so awesome. How is it you CG so well??? Also: the graffitti's cool and you know it.
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sugoiii desu XD !!! the line is sooo clean and the coloring is awesome. I like how the shade shape the characters face and body soo well. the eye are sooo cool *likes the little shine on their eyes* and perspective is really neat. excellent job XD XD !!!!
hokutosumeragi's avatar
This is so good! U did their poses so well and the coloring is great, too ^^
chii-chan's avatar
gaaaaaaaaaaaah your hair coloring r0x!!!@_@
and and and the clothes are sooo funky!
kitton's avatar
OOch they are cute I love their hair!
azusachan's avatar
This is fantastic ^__^ The girl is cheekily cute, and the boy has that slack expression that portrays a character so well. I love their casual clothing and I think the background looks rather stylish '_'a maybe that's just me? Spectacular colouring too, your CG is always incredible. Awesome piece all up :3
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That's cute! The background isn't as bad as you may think, so don't worry. I like it.
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I can't believe I didn't get to this sooner! But it's so amazing! Stop criticizing yourself with fake criticism! >OOOO RAWR OR I WILL EAT FLOWERS OR A SQUASH OR SOMETHING EQUALLY HORRIBLE RAHHHHH! I really need to draw some pirates to get the PotC out of my system by ANYWAYS! Yes, this is wonderful, so stop thinking anything other then just that. Wonderful. The cg work-- colors, shading, your linework is good, too! I don't know why you torture yourself so. The perspective is inspiring, as well! COOL NEW PERSPECTIVE PICS MAKE ME WANNA DRAW COOL NEW THINGS TOO ARGHGHHGHGHHHH!!!! -issa pirate now!!!- ARGHARGHARGH n_O
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