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  • LaTeX distribution: TeXLive
  • external program: Gimp 2.6+ for image manipulation
  • documentclasses: article
  • packages: CJKutf8, xcolor, pst-plot, pst-text
  • fonts: Myoungjo/mj (Type1)
  • charset encoding: UTF-8
  • compilation scheme: latex && dvips && ps2pdf

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What’s this all about …

“Shin Saimdang” (신사임당 申師任堂, Sin Saimdang, 1504–1551, “Teacher of fulfilling duty and domesticity from the house of Shin”) had been given an extraordinary education, quite contrary to the role model of her time.  She was very esteemed by contemporary and succeeding philosophers and artists, and left an impressive œuvre of literature, poetry, calligraphy, embroidery works, and paintings.

This paragraph introducing her is set as spiral text and starts in its center.  Important names and phrases are decently colored. – Before importing into the PDF, I clipped Shin Saimdang’s face out of the former image, and let it be processed by GIMP’s video filter.  Now it seems, the mistress is about to share her knowledge and qualities with us through the ages.

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Links and References

  • Document related
    • my github resources: [link]
    • text resource: [link]
    • graphic template resource: [link]
    • text resource: [link]
    • CTAN entry for CJK (includes CJKutf8): [link]
    • CTAN entry for pst-2dplot: [link]
    • CTAN entry for pst-text: [link]

  • Further information about Shin Saimdang 신사임당
    • article in the New World Encyclopedia: [link] (EN)
    • an official Korean link collection: [link]; not all links working though
    • newspaper article about pros and cons depicting Shin Saimdang on a new Won bill (2007): [link]

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