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  • OS: Arch Linux
  • Kernel: 4.3.3-2-ARCH (i686)
  • WM: XMonad 0.12 (darcs) as XMonad-Xfce-hybrid (XFCE 4.12-3)
  • screen res: 1024 × 768 px (single monitor)
  • X compositor: compton
  • running apps: xmobar, dzen2, conky-cli, mpc, Stalonetray, trayclock, scrot (for screen grabbing)

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What’s this all about …

Sure I would survive without fancy pics, but a cushy and well configured desktop helps me into a relaxed and successful session start.  Frankly speaking, permanently working either on a black or a default screen with predefined settings would make me sick.  So customizing begins here!

I am on the Dark Solarized color scheme lately.  And so is the top bar, a versatile indicator assembled myself, visible on every of the currently ten workspaces (also known as virtual desktops).  Broadly every of the involved programs contains a triple hex value of the palette in its config or running option. – I got the desktop icons disabled, and am neither a fan of omnipresent system monitoring apps.  Then I like to have the whole bar dropping a little shadow; the compositor does it.  This gives an illusion of depth, rather than merging (or contrasting) the bar with the walls.

Since version 4.12 xfdesktop officially supports displaying individual wallpapers for different workspaces.  The configuration is also a snap via Xfce’s “Desktop Settings” in the context menu – no struggle with external apps!  This preview is to showcase my current empty workspaces.  Find the pager in the upper left pretty printer section of my system tray, next to the window layout indicator. Instead of names or icons, my workspaces are simply numbered from 1 to 9, and “0” added as 10.  It’s just the MarVAlea font, that makes them look like dice faces.  The active workspace is highlighted by RGB value #b58900, the Solarized yellow.

Actually the wallpapers have got less or nothing to do with their assigned workspaces.  It’s their only purpose to please me when they’re not covered by clients.  That’s the workspace list along with the walls and their references (if any):

  1. System Maintenance
    wallpaper: wakey-wakey-ARCH! by:iconmitoxd:, [link]

  2. File Management
    wallpaper: Homeworld by David Fuhrer, [link]

  3. Development
    wallpaper: Shaman Energy Flow by mito, based on a shot by Kim Soo-Nam – read more about this [here].

  4. Graphics
    wallpaper: Headphones by :iconandreewallin:, [link]

  5. Desktop Publishing
    wallpaper: “강성 머국”  (sic!)/Strong Motherland (subject to change) by unknown artist, [dead link]

  6. Document Viewing
    wallpaper: spring time shot from Hyangwon Pavilion, Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul (경복궁 향원정  景福宮 香遠亭) by unknown artist, [dead link]

  7. Internet
    wallpaper: Korean palace roof beam decoration (게눈 genun) by unknown artist, [dead link]

  8. Communications
    wallpaper: Patriarch Bodhidharma’s Portait (달마도 Dalmado 達摩圖) by 서옹 석호 Seo-ong Seokho/박봉수 Bak Bongsu, [link]

  9. Multimedia
    wallpaper: Yubaba’s Bathhouse Procession, one of countless fanart wallpapers from Miyazaki’s epic animé “Spirited Away” (千と千尋の神隠し, Hep. Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi).  I haven’t got the download resource anymore … read an archived film review instead: [link]

  10. Gaming & Leisure
    wallpaper: Life in Technicolor by :iconkhashiguana:, [link]

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Further References

  • Xfce HQ: [link]
  • xfdesktop usage howto: [link]
  • How to make XMonad work with Xfce4 in the Arch Wiki: [link]
  • Ethan Schoonover’s Solarized color theme: [link]
  • MarVAlea font by Martin Vogel: [link]

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After a longer hiatus with Xubuntu I'm back to Arch, currently reviving and reconfiguring my XMonad/Xfce desktop for a bigger screen! – Compiling nicely so far, yet there seem to be some updates in the modules, since lately a couple of things simply get ignored (like shifting stuff to workspaces though WM_CLASS-declarations etc. haven't changed) ... But I'm on it! :D
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Wonderful, good to see some good screenshots around here.
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