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Arch Intermediate Silver Medal Desktop Shot




  • OS: Arch Linux
  • Kernel: 4.15.5-1-ARCH (x86_64)
  • WM/DE: XMonad 0.13 (cabalized), XMonad/Xfce hybrid
  • screen res: 1920 × 1080 px
  • X terminal: urxvtc
  • other apps involved: mpv, cmatrix, ponysay, w3m, xfce4-panel, dzen2, xmobar, ibus, conky-cli, imagemagick, nixieclock, own Bash scripts (rewritten), and compton for compositing

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What’s this all about …

Finally back to tiling after about two years without!  And yet a new version of my favorite WM XMonad had been published, so that’s probably why the old config didn’t work anymore.  No prob, I wanted to unclutter all of it anyway, such as unused or hardly used layouts and modules.  Hence I’ve been building a new xmonad.hs (almost) from scratch – if not having a break, enjoying the Winter Olympics on TV (note the Soohorang icon in the top right corner)! ^^

Changes include Emacs-like hotkey notation via X.U.EZConfig.  There’s nothing wrong with the traditional way, where even more key bindings might be assigned.  Only the source code is easier to read, as well as I’m going to create a help menu widget with a hotkey list out of it.  

Again, there has been lots of reading manuals, blogs, forum posts, and digging code snippets.  Sometimes it’s getting a bit tough, as I’m still not familiar with all of the Haskell business.  Despite I’m happy to have a rock solid window manager that makes my daily computer work more productive, going to be tweaked in any detail some day.  (I mean, it can’t getting worse than dealing with the nasty state file bug, right?) – XFCE under the hood is doing its job well, making session and media managing easier.  Thunar just runs smoothly, so far the graphical file manager with the fewest crashes for me.

Meanwhile at an intermediate level of configuration, the bars and pretty printers along with their clickable stuff are almost done.  As before, there are 10 workspaces for different purposes, just their pp and the layout indicator are centered for convenient access.  Remaining tasks are creating a couple of special working environment tiling layouts, or extending the key bindings and window client management.  Besides, I’m currently playing with color schemes and Gtk skins. – Customizing never ends!

NB: The ponysay quote “We fought them hard, we fought them well!” of the upper right term is after a lyric line from Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills”.  So here’s where heavy metal and MLP merge! ;D

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Links and References

  • For those interested, here’s my testing xmonad.hs at pastebin: [link] (github updates may follow)
  • ArchWiki section for combining XMonad and Xfce4: [link]
  • XMonad’s current change log: [link]
  • Still a great source of inspiration, XMonad’s config archive: [link]
  • Heavily consulted, the official contrib-modules docs: [link]
  • A classic, the guide on writing good Haskell style: [link]
  • Haskell at the Wikibooks: [link]
  • So cute – easily create your own MLP memes in the (X) terminal with ponysay: [link]
  • The awesome “WIP” Steampunk wallpaper by pizzabytheslice: [link1]  [link2]

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