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Final Fantasy hand cursor

A cursor I did a wile ago, It's pretty funny!
'Cause I didn't find any Final Fantasy good cursors, I wanted to make one on my own :dance:
Feel free to use! Its a little bit hard to get used to the movement at the begin...but then it become a need!
Hope you like it.
Tool: ArtCursors 5.16

Here's how to install a different cursor (pc user only):

First click "START", then "CONTROL PANEL". Then find "CLASSIC VIEW" option (if it's not already), you'll find a "MOUSE" icon. Inside this there are some settings (see here -> [link]). Go to "POINTERS" then "BROWSE".
You only have to find your file and install it. :D
(Remember, only .cur and .ani files)
ps- oh, of course you can choose if use cursor as "normal", or different status as you wish.
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Cuute! Thank you :)

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Omg!! Great cursor. I love messing around with the cursors on my pc. And this one is by far my favourite!!

Awesome cursor! Just what I was looking for :) However, do you have one that is non-moving? Or is there an option that I'm missing that disables the animation?

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I'm glad! thanks to you too
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*o* Cute ! Thank You!
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this is soooooooo cute tnx
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Does this work on mac? :saddummy:
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:jawdrop: Awesome, thank you, work suddenly sucks a little less
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This is a very nice cursor. The classic FF hand cursor is the best, in my opinion. Your work on this is evident, and it is very well made. Thank you!
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thank you! I loved the old ff cursors, the "tickling" movement is annoying but cute
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wow... excellent work!!! i love it! xD FF Classic Hand Rules!!! xD
Thank you, I'll install it and enjoy it =)
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:D hope it goes good
Yes it does but I don't like the movingaction. This disturbs my.
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kinda same thing everybody say XD
Hmm ok, just do an edit and give us the non-moving-cursor :D
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beatyful!!! thank you so much
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