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Koholint Island 3d

Koholint Island is complete, time to focus on getting the beta ready for release

Find more updates at [link]
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Welp, Link's awakening is being remade by Bintendo now.
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did you ever make that beta?
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This is a really good map.  Link's Awakening was one of my first video games when I was 7.
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Somehow I want this map somewhere, like Gmod, or something. Great build BTW, I love when the overhead maps are brought into full 3D, heck, I even have a Minecraft version of this with built in dungeons.
LittleMarin's avatar
Wonderful! I am so excited I could just burst! 
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highly impressive! I loved this game more than many others.
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Your map is seriously well made. The altitude level at the southern rim is rather strange but it does tie in with the rest of the world so it doesn't look all that awkward.
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Awesome, it's always so cool to see entire maps of 2D zelda games, but the 3D makes it that much more awesome! Wish they would release this as a 3D classic!
JackWitherell's avatar
I'd rather have this in a 3d remake than link to the past.
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This game is what introduced me to Zelda. It is STILL my favorite game in the series. I am totally amazed by this. Great job!
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OMG seeing all these places I remember is so awesome! And there YOU are level 7...I hate level 7 my goodness. Hardest dungeon in the game without a doubt.
Beau-Skunk's avatar
Awesome! You did this all by yourself? It looks even better in "download" full view. I especially loved how you did the Eagle tower, the forest's fog, and Windfish's egg.

That was one of my favorite Zelda games! :D (Though honestly, I liked every Zelda game I've played.)
You remade the entire island perfectly in 3D while keeping the details, and placements perfectly true to the original 8-bit Gameboy/GBColor game. Everything just pops up at you perfectly, and I recognise every landmark, and house perfectly from the game.

Only thing missing I noticed is the photo hut (wich is south of the Wind Fish's egg, and north of the graveyard) from the GBColor "DX" version.
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That's amazing
BLUEamnesiac's avatar
That is incredible!
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Thats so flippin awesome! If that's going to be real, I HAVE to play it! I made an overhead version of that and it looks like this:
Nevertheless, GREAT JOB!!!
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Interesting. The fog for the mysterious woods is a nice touch. Though, I can see there was a conflict at the area between the beach, and the Tail Cave dungeon.
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a perfect square island :s
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Holy crap.

What else is there to say?
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