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Hello there.
Well, I haven't had the chance or time to update my journal for pretty long.
I've been working, and with my free time I've mostly written Big City. JulWriMo, you know. One month, 50 000 words. So far, I'm in schedule.

Did a few manipulations, too. Unfortunately, Luna is very unpopular :( Sad, because I really really like that work.
I am your empress' is more popular, though. Good for her. :)

Also, I uploaded a series of photos, my Estonian Summer series.

Literature news

Hoar and I are back on writing HaB and NWO. Heart of Winter has to hold, until HaB catches up with it.
BC grows daily, since it's JulWriMo.

Contest is...well, sitting. We've got five amazing entries, though. You might want to check my favourites ;)

Stock features

Fire 3 by ArrsistableStock :thumb90965061: :thumb90961680: :thumb91023112: :thumb91028031: :thumb91028609: Stock: Skull 7 by TamvakisPhoto :thumb90940390: Vera Shadow 13 by Falln-Stock Harry stock4 by NickiStock :thumb90874114: Splooshy Pack by lindowyn-stock Pretty black dress 18 by Kechake-stock eerie diving board zip pack by MoFarrelly :thumb90284573: Metal Skull II by StarSlateStock :thumb90440020: Pony19 by vivstock nv12 by F2FStocks Hamster 11 by eldris-stock Above the Clouds 4 by Valentine-FOV-Stock :thumb89608378: :thumb89464678: Park Tilburg by stockkj Dragon PNG pack 2 by Alegion-stock Renfairstock_battle1 by PilgrimSoul :thumb89171210:

Random favourites

Corvus Cornex by Lindowyn :thumb90641029:

Mature Content

Incense by Aral3D
:thumb90962730: EG: Closeups by arrsistable :thumb90711023: :thumb81867793: rOt4tiOn by genr ta'tanka by MoFarrelly

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eldris-stock's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :love:
Kechake-stock's avatar
Mithgariel's avatar
Võta heaks või pane pahaks :p
Väga lahe seeria on viimane. Ütle fotograafile minu komplimendid edasi :)
magikstock's avatar
Thanks so much for featuring me!
Camaryn-Wallpaper's avatar
Wow - thanks much for the feature! I'm glad to be amongst some other lovely stocks :)
Moonchilde-Stock's avatar
Thank you so very much for the double Feature!!!!!:hug:
Mithgariel's avatar
My pleasure. You know you deserve it and you know I will use them. (I already used one and I WILL do something special with the other one, too.) I'm your loyal fan :D
SillyScared's avatar
Those are lovely features. I had to :+fav:.

Great favorites too!
Mithgariel's avatar
Thank you. I am glad to hear :)
lataeral-stock's avatar
thanks a lot for the feature! :heart: :heart: :heart:
NatGautier-Stock's avatar
Many thanks :), it's greatly appreciated.
Mithgariel's avatar
My pleasure :) Keep up the great work.
NatGautier-Stock's avatar
Falln-Stock's avatar
thank you for the feature ^_^
Mithgariel's avatar
My pleasure :) Keep up the great work.
IWS-stock's avatar
:wow: thanks for the feature :hug:
Mithgariel's avatar
My pleasure :) Keep up the great work :hug:
MoFarrelly's avatar
thank you kindly for including my stock in your feature! :glomp:
Mithgariel's avatar
stockkj's avatar
I really love these stock images and I have added some to my faves. Thank you
Mithgariel's avatar
My pleasure. Keep up the great work.
stockkj's avatar
Oh you darling :hug: You featured my stock and a wallpaper from my other account.

Thank you so much
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