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[COMM] A Lesson in Love (M2BBW/Bimbo) :iconmithfics:MithFics 72 3
[COMM] Brotherly Love, Pt. 3/3 by MithFics
Mature content
[COMM] Brotherly Love, Pt. 3/3 :iconmithfics:MithFics 126 3
Mature content
[COMM] We Clique Perfectly, Pt. 5 (FINAL) (TG) :iconmithfics:MithFics 97 7
[COMM] Brotherly Love, Pt. 2 (TG) by MithFics
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[COMM] Brotherly Love, Pt. 2 (TG) :iconmithfics:MithFics 155 3
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[COMM] A Lesson In Love, Introduction (WG,BimboTF) :iconmithfics:MithFics 54 1
[COMM] Brotherly Love, Pt. 1 (TG) by MithFics
Mature content
[COMM] Brotherly Love, Pt. 1 (TG) :iconmithfics:MithFics 187 6
[Request] Two MILFs Are Better Than One (AP, Twin) by MithFics
Mature content
[Request] Two MILFs Are Better Than One (AP, Twin) :iconmithfics:MithFics 86 3
Mature content
[COMM] Initiation (WG, Smothering) :iconmithfics:MithFics 52 0
[REQUEST] His Brother, Her Sister (TwinningTG) by MithFics
Mature content
[REQUEST] His Brother, Her Sister (TwinningTG) :iconmithfics:MithFics 100 4
Mature content
[Patron] Leon, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (M2BBW) :iconmithfics:MithFics 66 1
Mature content
[COMM] We Clique Perfectly, Pt. 4 (TG, MC) :iconmithfics:MithFics 105 8
[PatronCOMM] Groundhog Weigh (M2BBW)
Day 1
“Picked up a boy just south of Mobile, gave him a ride, filled him with a hot meal…”
Peter Blume woke up at 4:30 am to the sound of his radio, just as he did every morning. He began his morning weight lifting routine in his personal gym, just as he did every morning. He hit the bathroom, took a shower, and brushed his teeth all to the sound of the hourly newscast, just as he did every morning. He got dressed and made his way downstairs, where a pot of black coffee was waiting for him, just as it was every morning. The one different right now was that his wife, Helen, was off in Europe on a modeling shoot, so he had their rather large home to himself...for whatever little time he spent there before spending the bulk of his day at the office of his investment firm. Peter had a routine, he had a pattern, and most of all he had discipline: these were the ingredients that had landed him a career, a great body, a trophy wife, a big-ass house, and his first mill
:iconmithfics:MithFics 90 3
[REQUEST] Fashionably Late (GlamourTG) by MithFics [REQUEST] Fashionably Late (GlamourTG) :iconmithfics:MithFics 172 12
[COMM] The Bringer of Light, Pt. 2/2 (PalutenaTG)
One week later
        ‘I don’t mean to be a nag, Paula, but I do believe the timing of my awakening was for a purpose, and we’re here just, well…’
       “I’m sitting at home, and it’s still ‘Paul’, thank you!”
        ‘I thought perhaps it might ease with your transition to use your new public name.’
        “And I thought I asked you to just give me one week by myself running my own body and mind?”
        ‘Well, it has been a week-’
        “Not a full week yet! I just got through six days of phone calls, office visits, bureaucratic red tape, and more to get my life in some semblance of order, and now I’ve earned a day of doing nothing but sitting on my suddenly much ro
:iconmithfics:MithFics 43 3
Mature content
[PatronCOMM] InsulaVolupe #5: No Treble (M2BBW) :iconmithfics:MithFics 58 3
Mature content
[COMM] Improvised Wardrobe: Ending 5 :iconmithfics:MithFics 39 3

Random Favourites

From Shy to Curvy to Fat
    “A-a-a-an-and th-that’s w-why I’m… I’m here,” Megan spoke, looking nervously at the ground.  She bit her bottom lip and slowly raised her eyes up, her face growing redder by the second.  “So-so-so, c-c-can y-you he-help me?”
    Beatrice gave the poor girl a big grin and gently stroked her small chin.  She cooed, “but of course my poor little girl.  I’ll help you get that perfect look you’ve been desirin’, and we’ll even get rid of those pesky nerves of yours.”
    Megan was a small, skinny girl with messy black hair and very pale skin.  She was incredibly shy and nervous, wearing baggy clothes to hide herself in.  She hated that and hated herself, wanting to be rid of such feelings.  This only intensified as a big anime convention was about to come to her town, one she longed to check out.  However, between how she
:iconfiringwall:Firingwall 65 0
The Magic Bra : Chapter 1 - A TG Story
Jeremy was a young, 20 year old student who lived on his own for a few years now. His parents, who immigrated from France to the US before he was born, died in a car accident along with his sister when he was 16. He was devastated, by the fact that his only family (that he knows of) died, as well as the fact that he had to live alone. He had to drop out of high school so he could get a job and sustain himself, but lately he's stabilized and started considering going to college (after taking some catchup courses, of course), but he still felt very depressed and didn't want to go to college if he couldn't completely focus. Tuition money is very pricey these days, and he didn't want to bother with interviews and payments if he wasn't sure he could succeed. It'd be a waste of time and money in his eyes.
Though it wasn't all bad for Jeremy. He recently won a ticket for an all expense paid 2 month trip to Paris, France from a local raffle. The idea of being in his "homeland" somewhat excited
:iconjumboshirmp:Jumboshirmp 904 40
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Mature content
Easygoing [Caption TG TF] :iconroleplaysandother234:Roleplaysandother234 120 9
Commission 214 5 by kurocaze-s Commission 214 5 :iconkurocaze-s:kurocaze-s 1,208 30 REQUEST - Accidental Bimbo by riverstone56
Mature content
REQUEST - Accidental Bimbo :iconriverstone56:riverstone56 146 5
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College Girlfriend. (AP TG) Trade. :iconbubba952:Bubba952 97 3
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COMM: The House Sitter :icongendermorph:Gendermorph 46 0
Ivy (SoulCalibur VI) by RaidouZERO Ivy (SoulCalibur VI) :iconraidouzero:RaidouZERO 820 21 CM: Azel Van Scheil by Kainkout CM: Azel Van Scheil :iconkainkout:Kainkout 1,509 26 Who Stole the Look? prt 3 (FINAL) by LordAltros Who Stole the Look? prt 3 (FINAL) :iconlordaltros:LordAltros 1,236 48 Choco Cake TG by kittymellow Choco Cake TG :iconkittymellow:kittymellow 742 30


Well, hey! I said this update was coming...nearly three months ago?! Um, my bad. Life's been hectic as all get out and it's not about to calm down until I can get to the summer, but that doesn't mean I won't be writing a lot between now and then. I've been very lucky this year that a lot of you have taken an interest in my work; I'd love to write requests for all of you, but unfortunately time, particularly when you're already working a couple jobs and going to school, is limited. With that in mind, I'm here to update my info concerning commissions, Patreon, requests, and a new Ko-fi page!

Anyway! Given that there are multiple ways to request/commission a story from me, I thought I'd lay out some of the essentials. First things first: what sorts of transformations will I write about, and what will I probably not do so well with?
WILL WRITE: TG (M2F), Female WG, Mental Changes, Erotica, Twinning/Twincest, Age Progression/MILF, Age Regression (to a point), "Bimbofication"/"Slut-ification", Yuri, "Keeping it in the Family", Demoness/Succubus TFs, corruption/Mean Girl TFs. I've also done some work with Pregnancy TF stories, so it can't hurt to ask!
NOT SO GREAT WITH: Inanimate Object TF, Animal TF, Anthro TF, Giantess/Shrinking TFs, stories where the main transformation results in someone becoming a young child (i.e. 14 or younger), Senior Citizen TG/TF, F2M TG, and Rape/Assault. I'm also not huge on body swaps, though I don't mind trying it out.

Please note: I'm not knocking anyone who's into the "Not So Great" categories, but I do feel I wouldn't be the best person to ask to handle them - given the range of great artists around here, I bet there are many who'd handle them far better than I can! 
But does that mean I absolutely won't write anything that's not already mentioned here? Maybe, maybe not! Point is it never hurts to ask, and I won't be judging you, so feel free to check!  

As for commissions/requests:
COMMISSIONS VIA PAYPAL: Want to pay direct and not worry about signing up at any websites? Great! Just reach out to me via private Note and we'll get everything set up. 
Regarding pricing, I try to go by the number of words typed. The minimum I charge is $10, which would be for a story that breaks the 1,000 word barrier. From there, I charge approximately .06 cents per word. For reference, the longest commissions I've done so far have been stories that ended up in the range of 18,000-20,000 words, which worked out to $100 or more, depending on the final number. I ask that when you make a commission you let me know in advance what type of price range you're comfortable with, as I have no intention of overwriting for the sake of overcharging people, and some prices can be a bit negotiable.   
If you'd like to commission a caption (or more than one!), meanwhile, please speak with me personally about rates, as there'd be a slight upcharge for the work involved in putting the image together. Private commissions are also available, but again please contact me directly so we can talk terms and what you're looking for.

First of all, if you decide you want to support me monthly via Patreon, THANK YOU! My tiers there as of now are $1, $3, $5, and $10 per month, though obviously pledgers can choose to give a custom amount. 
Patrons giving $3 and above get to read excerpts of stories in progress plus a chance to make requests that go high on my priority list: $3 Patrons may request caption-length short stories, while $5 Patrons may request one-part shorts and $10 Patrons something that could end up being multiple short parts - though I do ask those giving $10 to please contribute for at least one month before making a lengthy request.
Previously I wanted to allow each Patron to make a monthly request, but again, as I've been lucky enough to gain more Patrons it's become untenable to keep up with that pace. Still, if you go through my gallery here you'll see plenty of stories marked "PATRON COMM", and that won't be changing any time soon, so if you sign up I can guarantee you'll be high on my priority list.

Yep, I caved and made a Ko-fi. I've had a few people want to get stories made but feel a bit put off by having to sign up for a monthly service like Patreon, or who are just seeking a shorter-length story/caption and don't want to have to go over $10 for it.
Here's how we'll handle it: any support here is greatly appreciated, but if you chip in on Ko-fi and send me a caption-length (less than 1,000 words) request, I will treat that like a $3 Patron's request. Somebody giving more frequently (or monthly, should I upgrade my membership there) can request a short story that goes can go into the 2,000 word range. 

FREE REQUESTS: Despite everything you're reading here, I WILL still do some free requests! Again, I do have to keep them to just around or under 1,000 words for time's sake, but while I can't promise I'll get to every request, again, it can never hurt to ask! Thanks so much for understanding if I can't get to every free request, but I do listen to each request and will try my best to do as much as I can. 

Phew! Thanks for reading, hope this helps. Periodically I might have to announce a bit of a freeze on commission/request availability (I'm sure later this spring when I'm writing my thesis will be one such time), but just keep your eyes peeled here, Patreon, of Ko-fi for more info. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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If you're interested in requests/commissions/Patreon, please read my Journal on it!

Become a Patron!

Hi all, I'm a writer with an interest in M2F TG and WG fiction! I've had works up on Fictionmania under the name "Mithrandir" and have a Patreon ad Ko-fi started, so why not check 'em out? Thanks!




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