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Tried a bit of a different style than usually, came out pretty okay ^^

Vinyl Scratch - Let's Get it Started!!! by :iconmysteriouskaos:

4K-Version: Trance 4K
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Awesome piece! I really like the face expression.
Any chance to get this in higher resolution? Like 4k?
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Thank you! I added the 4K-Version in the description ;)
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Amazing! Thank you so much!
I just set it as wallpaper.
The lack of color makes the files stand out, so they don't get lost on my desktop.
The dark theme is really comfortable for my eyes.
Its just perfect. <3
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You're welcome ;)
I like simple wallpapers more because they're easy on the eyes and wanted to make something that also fits well on a desktop, so thank you ^^
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I love this piece, it's nice to see Vinyl without a ton of colors surrounding her
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Yeah, I like wallpapers with less colors, they're just less obtrusive.
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I feel like if I was a pony this would be me
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Very much I like to color correction in this work! La la la la  Excellent wallpaper, keep it up! :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you very much ^^ I pretty much started with the colors on this one and went with whatever came to mind
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Yo this looks rad!
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Still not enough lens flares
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"Trance"... like in FF9! Love that title! Also great wallpaper :D
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I think he meant "Trance Music," since vinyl is a DJ ;)
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Yeah yeah I know, but I gotta make my own interpretations haha XD
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So awesome~!
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