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New Mane 6

So I felt like making a mane 6-wallpaper yesterday and actually got something done in one day ^^

Vectors used:

Applejack: :iconemper24: [here]
Fluttershy: :iconxpesifeindx: [here]
Pinkie Pie: :iconpirill-poveniy: [here]
Rainbow Dash: :iconzutheskunk: [here]
Rarity: :iconalmostfictional: [here]
Twilight: :iconarti22: [here]

4K-Download: [here]
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1920x1080px 7.92 MB
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can i do base with pic please
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Used in a YouTube video: [link]
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Okie, thanks for telling me ;)
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A wonderful wallpaper! Heart Love    Congratulations! Elsa Clapping 
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I hit a the fave button so hard it nearly broke LOL
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I used this picture as part of a group icon, I hope you don't mind! ^w^ (if you do mind, I'll take it down right away.
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It's fine, feel free to use it ;)
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orale si lo isiste con fotoshop cs6 o otro k pinceles son eje
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rainbow looks cool
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Love The Wallpaper so AWESOME :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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I really love this one here!

Well done /)
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And I was searching for a good mane6 wallpaper you made my day sir !
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Thank you kindly :)
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Oh, I really like the look of this. :D Thanks for using my vector!
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