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Highspeed - Wallpaper

Feels like I've been working on this forever...

The other wallpapers:

[Impact] | [Overload]

4K-Download: [here]
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Death Battle Background

Name: Rainbow Dash
Alias: Wonderbolt Rainbow Crash, The Fastest Mare Alive
Affiliations: Wonderbolts, Cloudsdale Weather Squad, Mane 6, Daring Do fan club, Scootaloo fan club
Speed: Unknown (Hyper Sonic)
Power: Over 9000
Awesomeness: 20% cooler
LGBT: 100% (bisexual)
Iron Pony Champion
Second Most Athletic Pony In Equestria
Honorary member of Celaeno’s pirate crew
Has two Rainbow Dash parody androids
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It's awesome futuristic Dash ;)
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Excellent wallpaper. Mind if i use in a video for one of my songs? I'll give credit!!

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As long as credit is given, no problem. Please just send me the link so I can see it ;)
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Dat wallpaper I LOVE IT !
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The point of impact upon breaking the speed of sound looks pretty good!
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Thanks, it's nice to see that the little details pay off ^^
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Congrats on the EQD header! Do you plan on making more of these style wallpapers for other characters?
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Thanks ;)
And I'm not sure the style fits other ponies, but I can try ^^
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Could you perhaps make this fit in a 1280x1024 screen? And please don't just re-size and crop it, I keep asking authors so they can use the original files and I'll get the entire thing on it. If I wanted to simply re-size it I'd do it myself.
It works fine as a 5x4 wallpaper with the scaling set to "Fill."  What problem are you having with it?
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I want the entire thing, not just part of it. Honestly, quite sure my comment says that.
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Yes it did, but I already tried to do it once and it looked horrible, so I won't do it again sorry.
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Got the PSD file or whatever with all the layers? I'll see if I can fix something up.
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This is so sick
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If only my internet was that fast...
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