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Everypony for herself

I want to make a few simpler wallpapers :D

Coco by: :icondrewdini: [here]

Manehatan Skyline by: :iconabion47: [here]

4K-Download: [here]
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I love the shading so much. I have no idea how to do it though which is a real bummer. 
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It's really not that hard, you just put a layer filled with black on top of a vector and erase the parts that should be brighter ^^
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I'd cue the peppy theme song. 
Dash-of-L0YALTY's avatar
I oh-so LOVE this one! <3

Marvelous job!
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Funny. I made wallpaper with same backgound from same guy.
Can you please tell me how you did the circles around to coco?
You dont need to actually to tell me detail just say name of that
Mithandir730's avatar
The effect ist just a standard lens flare in Photoshop ^^

And your wallpaper looks nice btw. ;)
DazzioN's avatar
Thanks! but yours looks better ! :)
Mithandir730's avatar
Well thanks, but I don't really like to compare wallpapers ^^

If you want more tipps you could add me on skype if you want.
DazzioN's avatar
Well id love to see your tips but i think skype is a bit personal use 
and i want to keep for my close people (real life people) so i decided
to add you at Steam if you dont mind..
Mithandir730's avatar
That's fine too ^^
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Coco Pommel looks cute and adorable with that kind of face. The background looks gorgeous and it does a good view of manehattan. Nice work
Mithandir730's avatar
Thank you very much ^^
HYPERdasPONY's avatar
I love that one :D
Drewdini's avatar
Awwwh. That is so cool. :D

Thanks for the credit. :meow:
Mithandir730's avatar
Thank you :la:

And I'll always give credit to stuff I use ^^
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Wow, it looks so beautiful ! ;_;
Icanhazmochi's avatar
This wallpaper is glorious, I especially love the friggin'  lens flares SO MUUUCH!!!
illumnious's avatar
nice wallpaper! I like how you did the lens flares
Mithandir730's avatar
If I use them for once, I'll do it right ^^
illumnious's avatar
and look like you using knoll light factory from Red Giant
Mithandir730's avatar
Nope, just plain Photoshop CS6 ^^
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