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Pretty happy with this one ^.^

Celestia in armor 2 by Larsurus


4K-Version: [here]
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1920x1080px 7.56 MB
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Hello. You're the artist? I'm looking for a few visual artists that might be interested in a project. See, I have a full length adventure book being published that's over 125,000 words, 45 chapters and 270 pages and I'm looking for artists that can create mane styles, props, cutie marks and props. If you're interested PM me. Or if any artists out there want to contribute, please message me. Thanks!

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Wow impressive she is muy beautiful I like :D
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That is epic ! :o
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Now THAT is amazing!
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you deserve it!
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Looks pretty cool!
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Amazing artwork!! This is so artistic and really stands out as "more than a wallpaper", I mean I can't put myself to use that word... The result is so beautiful, I love the converging grid background, the geometric pattern, the partial blur, the glow, the ink splatter... You've even inserted a circle "inside", and sparkles in her eye! Really awesome one, this has the power to turn anypony's desktop into something incredibly epic! (as mine right now XD) Great job, and thank you for this masterpiece! :)
Oh, and thank you for the 4K version, saved both that one for my folder and the 1080p version for my desktop background :)
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First of: Whoah, I did not expect anyone to look at this so in-depth :D I usually put in the little details for fun and see if anyone notices them. I also try to get better with details in my wallpapers, just because they can make it so much nicer to look at.

And thank you for all the compliments, it's nice to see comments as yours when you work on a picture for so long ^^

Btw. I hope the 4K-version isn't to big? 26 MB maybe is a bit much...
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And you are right to do so :) Rock on!

Nah don't worry, I'll always make space for that ^^
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Yeah, you got it man ! Luv it :3
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Thank you ^^ I just love making wallpapers with Celestia :3
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Fantastic! I love Princess Celestia!
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