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It turns into a cybertronian tank (not pictured, sue me). I hope you still like it! :)

It's dedicated to Corey Burton, the voice behind this awesome character.
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the true shockwave is in dark of the moon.

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You got made drawing skills yo!
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personaly I like dark of moon shockwave it looked g1 tribute just like this one
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Why is Shockwave such a badass? Oh yeah cuz HE'S SHOCKWAVE!
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Better than the actual design. Also, thank you for dedicating this to Corey Burton. I'm sure he'd love it.
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Super...classic but different...good!
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Neural Overload!
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Thank you for dedicating this to an (voice) artist who brings (drawn) art to life.   Mr. Burton has such a range and brings so many characters personality.
Shockwave looks wonderful.
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Hot damn! This guy rocks!
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Lightyears better than the actual movie design, for it actually stays loyal to his G1 origins.
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Why are fan designs always better than the real thing? lol Nice!
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This rocks compared to dotm :D
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way better than the Dark of the Moon design
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SHOCKWAVE! You're in Charge now!
Rah! Again?!
You got the Touch! You got the POWER! YEAH!
Why this song?!
When Your hit percentage succeeds mine YOU may choose the soundtrack!
*Smacks head with hand*!
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is shockwave turning into a cybertronian tank? i thought i turns into a tremor kinda worm thing.. correct me if i'm wrong but what decepticon is eating up the building in dark of the moon.. This is like
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the worm thing is called a Driller. It's apparently a native Cybertronian species, I think...They were used for mining.
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The worm thing is kinda like his vehicle or pet something like that at least in the movie.
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if only this was teh version used in that new transformers movie........ would have been so much more awesome
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A thousand times better than the garbage version that appeared in Dark of the Moon. Fanstastic work mate.
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is it just me or does he look like an elite
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I like your version better than the movie version. Great job!!!!!
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This looks so much better than the creepy alien-predatorish-something they designed for the 3rd movie
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