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A 2nd gathering of things i've done based on mine or others Alton Human designs.
What is an Alton Human? It is an Alton Towers attraction that has been turned into a human, such as The Smiler or Rita.

TheInfamousSmileyQuinn is stealing artwork again.

Nemesis: (Alton Towers - Nemesis)
Air: (Alton Towers - Air) --- Galactica: (Alton Towers - Galactica)
Rita & DarkForest Rita: (Alton Towers - Rita)
The Smiler: (Alton Towers - The Smiler)
Oblivion: (
Alton Towers - Oblivion)
Th13teen: (Alton Towers - Th13teen)
Spinball Whizzer: (
Alton Towers - Whizzer)
Duel: (Alton Towers - Duel)

The Smiler is named Ino and Spinball Whizzer is named Whizzer due to their name lengths.

Ino: Advocate Outfit
Ino/Oblivion: Perspective Testing
Air/Rita/Th13teen/Ino: Girl Squad
Air/Rita/Th13teen/Oblivion/Ino: Short Rage
Whizzer: Arcade Repair
Whizzer: Sonic Spinball Cosplay
Rita: Thunder Rock Radio
Whizzer: Whizzer - lay in
Oblivion/Air/Whizzer/Rita/Th13teen/Ino: Alton Timeline
Ino/Oblivion/Air/Rita/Th13teen: Memory Eater
Rita: Happy Birthday Rita
Ino: MS-Paint Marker Ino
Duel: MS-Paint Marker Duel
Duel: Puyo Puyo Style
Duel: Duel headshot
Ino: Ino Headshot
Duel: School Duel
Rita/Th13teen/Ino: Draw The Squad
Oblivion/Air/Duel/Whizzer/Rita/Th13teen/Ino: Alton Timeline 2
Duel/Whizzer: Duel and Whizzer headshots
Rita/Th13teen: Th13teen queen of Rita
Ino: Ino Culator
Ino: sleeping Ino
Duel: Duel - sailor dress

Whizzer x Duel: Whizel
Ino x Duel: Smule
Ino x Whizzer: DingleBopper

The Smiler 2nd Group Image:  Containment of Crazy
Kila-The-Wolf: [Gift] Kila's Rita
LankyLunatic: [Gift] Feed Tara Cake
TurboJUK: Oblivion - Traitor
LankyLunatic: [Art Trade] Roxanne
CrystalightDrawthain: [Art Trade] Olivia

My Tumblr, includes Alton Human stuff i havent uploaded here:
Alton Minis 2 by mitchika2
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Why has every non-CORE person been downgraded to two images on PC and one image on a device?
That's a pretty asshole way of trying to get people to pay for CORE - it's over priced and is mainly a glorified AD blocker.

First dumb decision was that stupid logo that nobody likes and now the second is removing things.
ALSO - page scrolling! Give me page page numbers.
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[It shouldn't really need to be said but dont steal my artwork and claim it as your own - I have a network of friends who will inform me and take it down if i'm unable to]

- The Infamous Smiley Quinn on Instagram and Twitter is an Art Theif

This journal has become the HUB for all my Alton Towers humans stuff, currently i've been to the park twice (Standard and Scarefest 2016) and it's just as I hoped it would be and more. The Smiler sits as my favourite character and ride which is why she appears more than anyone else.

Anyway iv got all of the characters done at this point and im debating whether to give The Smiler a twin or not, maybe one day. Please Enjoy.
Air (Alton Towers - Air) --- Galactica (Alton Towers - Galactica)
Rita & Dark Forest (Alton Towers - Rita)
The Smiler (Alton Towers - The Smiler)
Oblivion (Alton Towers - Oblivion)
Th13teen (Alton Towers - Th13teen)
Spinball Whizzer (Alton Towers - Spinball Whizzer)

Nemesis doesnt appear as a character due to him/it already being an alien monster.

Many additional images:
DarkForest Rita: Alton Towers - Resting Rita
Oblivion & The Smiler: Alton Towers - Dinner Chat
Th13teen: Alton Towers - Th13teen and her dolls
Group Image: Alton Towers - ALTON HUMANS
Manic Smiling Girl: Ino - the smiler girl
Sweet Insanity: The Smiler - Sweet Insanity
Clinical Sweetness: The Smiler - Clinical Sweetness
Rita's Tempting Offer: Rita's Tempting Offer
Advocate Ino: Ino - Advocate outfit
Day Off: Ino - An Advocates Day Off
X-Sector Perspective: X-Sector / Perspective Testing
Girls Squad: Alton Towers - Girl Squad
Short Problems:  Alton Group - short rage

Meeting Other Worlds:
[CrystalightDrawthain] Rachel & Rita: [Art Gift] Rachel and Rita
[CrystalightDrawthain] Ellie & Air: [Art Gift] Ellie and Air
[MephilesTheCute09] Roxanna & Rita [Art Gift] Two Rita's and an Oblivion
[CD/MTC09/TJUK] Smilers: Alton Towers - Holding a lot of CRAZY
[MephilesTheCute09] Roxanna Body: [Art Gift] MTC Rita
[MephilesTheCute09] Roxanna Face: [Art Gift] Whose the queen?
[MephilesTheCute09] Roxanna vs Owen: Hands Off, Owen
[CD/MTC09/TJUK/KTW] Smilers: The Smiler - Containment of Crazy

Alton Towers - ALTON HUMANS by mitchika2
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so in a livestream recently done on NicoNicoDouga - it was revealed that Original KAITO & MEIKO are still alive and playable so they werent scrapped - this is something they should have announced at the begining instead of a week before release.

i feel a lot better now i know that.
no Rin and Len V4 though - maybe next game.
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I mostly go un-noticed as do my journals so no one will care about an opinion but Diva-X is quite poor when compared to the past games in the series.
Note: i use TRIET for 3 person songs, i dont know what thats actually called.

1) About 80% of Diva-X is Miku, granted her name is on the cover for marketing reasons and could be taken away at this point but SEGA and CRYPTON were on their way to having a nice amount of inclusion for everyone which has built up over the past 5 games - now that inclusion has been pushed aside.
The other 6 characters (Meiko, Kaito, Rin, Len, Luka) appear in a minimal amount of songs and SEGA havent even bothered to announce what returning costumes they are getting - so far its strictly the 1 or 1/2 (duet/triet) songs they appear in and then the Medley costumes.
Not to mention SEGA removed standard Kaito and Meiko.

2) The game has gone from story based videos and music videos to dances... on a stage... that is a really big limit and a road block when deciding what songs to add to the game (it works for Amazing Dolce but it wouldnt for a song like Kokoro or A thousand year solo). speaking of songs... they arent a great selection - especially if you arent a fan of miku in the first place and some of them are questionable... Sacred Spear Explosion boy seems to rub people the wrong way for being so sexual and some feel having KAITO's super sentai song is an embaressment to him. (oh and of course miku has to be everywhere).

So far song inclusion goes most to least:
Miku (most of them)/ Rin (1 solo, 1 duet, 1 triet)/ Luka - Len (1 solo, 1 triet)/ Meiko (2 triets)/ Kaito(1 triet). << considering the KAITO push both companies made during F 2nd, this seems... off...
i hope any remaining songs feature the other characters.

So theres my opinions and some facts, i'll still get Project Diva X out of loyalty and to get my Voca-4 fix (Meiko, Kaito, Len, Rin) but i hope the next game is a return to form. (F Extend or something like that).
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Metal has hit the roulette table unannounced and is most likely going to be unattainable. I had over 20 chances to win him and all i got were useless buddies.
He is avaliable untill October 3rd.
Ahhh it ends soon :c
like, completely - unless they have been secretly working on a second season, which 90% of us are hoping for because damn if it isnt the best Sonic media in years.
Theres some interesting stuff coming up in the final 4 - 5 episodes, no sign of Metal returning though...

Gravity Falls may end sometime next year as well... Another sad thought, unless Alex makes that Gravity Falls movie to end everything.
It finally happened, i was expecting it not to since they were trying to focus on Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks and Eggman. (but Metal Sonic is a core classic character - he is in every game after CD upto Heroes).

I think its an okay episode, i dont understand the French but at least Metal Sonic wasnt destroyed - he was just electrocuted and launched into the bushes... something to do with magnetic feilds conflicting.

He might return \ o /
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It was announced today and im very happy :3
looking forward to what songs they add in this one - mostly the Kaito and Len ones.
Excited c:
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Deviantart has changed how tags worked for a while and i still dont agree with them.
Everything now has a specific hashtag where as it use to be adding single words which i prefered because whotypeslikethis-whensearchingthings?

i still tag using the old way which may be why i dont get many views, maybe... i cant be bothered to sit and look for the tags i want to add.
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iv finally been drawing and colouring things so now its time to upload again.
How many people notice, i dont know - theres like ... 5 of my watchers left here i think.
Deviantart needs a "looked at" button you can tick on artwork in your inbox - because going to the page takes time.

Anyway enjoy the obligitory Choc - theres some Parteen coming as well as newcomer Mace.
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i should really start uploading stuff again, iv left it for so long...
but... i dont know what is worth uploading - i doodle more than actual drawings recently.
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[Excited and Fustrated squid noises]
(> A < ) (> u <) (O U O) (@ w @)
Splatoon comes out soon and im super excited that i actually want to pre-order it (the cheapest place gives errors while buying it so i guess its off to GAME again). Iv never seen a new IP / Franchise sell out their supplies so fast - even Nintendo is out of stock.

May 29th is the release date and its so painful waiting - the demo was so fun ; n ;
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well looks like iv reached the last day of my premium given to me by a anon...
less than 24 hours and DA will be back to adverts everywhere.
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If you are an active watcher and still look or see my stuff when its uploaded, please let me know.
I could probably do a poll but that means tinkering with widgets and - no.
i still dont know who gave me my premium upgrade but i still say thanks - if you are out there somewhere.
looks like i have 3 weeks left till i become a regular member again though -sigh-
its been nice not having adverts in my face.

and sorry for not uploading much, its a hassel and i lose the motivation to do so.
... also somewhat more cautious and worried.
Do you like trains? Do you like Lego? Do you want to show someone that you and hundreds of other people support their product vision?
Well you should jump over to 'Ideas.Lego' and let them know. Its free to do, costs nothing and you could very well help a new product on to the shelves.
I would like to bring mention to a few locomotives i have found - as people may not be aware, trains arent the most common transport in the Lego series despite the support and specialist equipement made for them.

Ahem so here are a few i have found rather amazing, you may also find their creators on DeviantART:

[ 1 ]
Narrow Gauge Steam Engine:

[Notes: It is a small Narrow Gauge engine with rolling stock and other engines to come// requires thin railway lines although possibly adaptable // DeviantART user is "Concore" ]

[ 2 ]
GWR Class 14xx Steam Engine:

[Notes: Highly accurate but simplist Engine // Fits standard LEGO railway lines // can be recoloured into 'Oliver' from the Thomas and Friends series // DeviantART user is "ScotNick" ]

[ 3 ]
Hidaka's Monorail:

[Notes: Hidaka has worked hard to produce this practical and functional monorail system, featuring several trains, switches, slopes, stations and power supplies // Several videos on Youtube showcase his project]

[ 4 ]
City Streetcar:

[Notes: Cute, sleek design with simplistic colouring // runs on standard LEGO railway lines // runs low to the rail and would look great in a city]

[ 5 ]
The Little Black Train Project:

[Notes: built to replicate the very early LEGO train designs // is fully remote controlled (non-RC one in the works, maybe) // has been redesigned into the model shown above // runs on standard LEGO railway lines]

Come on and help support these guys with their projects, you could get them onto shelves ~
Most projects are given a Year or so to gather support, my personal favourite is [ 1 ] but sadly it only has till April 2015 to gather support.
Not only do you help get products to shelves, you help the creator aswell, getting their name around, helping them earn money, giving them better chances of getting other products out too.

Cheers and Merry Chistmas ~
why are some of you watching me? is it the art in general?
id like to know which people prefer - fanart (metal sonic / kaito / ect) or my original content (Choc / Mitchika / ect) ..

my own stuff tends to not get looked at as much... unless its a girl, then it gets views.
i ignored it for a while because i didnt know what it was ... i thought it was a game.. - no its an anime. "Hi*sCoool! Seha Girls".
Its 3D and nendoroid style (proper proportions at times).
- looks like its been animated in MikuMikuDance... Saturn's face reminds me of KIO Miku.
(a reason for that is probably because KEI - the designer of Miku, Rin/Len and Luka, did the original artwork in the original manga).

Its weird seeing Sega take the piss out of themselves. But its also full of self reference, memes, generic anime things and of course - SONIC.
Sonic is a statue in the main area the characters use, he is in the title and things are modelled around his series.
> Sonic appears in the title. Chao appear in the title. MegaDrive's title introduction is a screenshot of MarbleZone. Sonic statue in the main area. Chao on the shelf. Massive spring in the ceiling based off of Sonic's.

characters are MegaDrive, Saturn and Dreamcast.

"The school has a song, you know..."
"Oh really? lets hear it!"
"Thats ... kinda short... "
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--- Dont just go and change your header bar during a refresh click - thats scary.
now my icon looks like Mitchika is yandre or evil (shady eyes)

Also removed the "activity" widgit - THIS ISNT TUMBLR or Facebook. Thanks DA - at least i can delete that option.
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