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Nano by mitchika2 Nano by mitchika2
Nano is the 3rd and final central character for the Corius City world - everyone has there secondary characters and backstories but as 3 main members, we have MACE, Charlie and Nano.

Nano is actually my favourite out of the 3 because she fills the slice-of-life catagory, afterall her job is to be an assistant, house maid, best friend in training. Nano was made a short time after Mace went into full time action, she had all the military stuff taken out and had it replaced by things to make her a living machine - as part of a long running test she has to 'learn' her world where as Mace and Charlie were pre-programmed to know everything - both Mace and Nano were made by GearzRobotics under private investment.

Nano isnt just a name, its a description - she is short, Infact she is the ideal height in most cases and is basicly my version of ASIMO (by Honda) - she is being trained to help other people in the future but for now lives with her two creators in a bungalo close to the edge of the city connected to a labrotory and so far has got on very well. She watches TV, plays sports, reads books, cooks and goes out walking in the park, fairs and anywhere her creators can park the van - she has to be transported for most long distance journeys and does eventually run out of power (just like ASIMO does - except Nano can last about 12 hours, so basicly a day).

In terms of design she took insperation from Choc Enzen and Core in the hair and hand departments but the rest is either generic robot or taken from Mace. The back of Nano's hair, while made to look interesting is also made out of a tough yet flexable material - in the cases where Nano may fall over backwards, it will cushion her head as not to damage any of her internal workings.

Fun Facts:
- Nano was soley created from a roleplay and technically came before Mace by a few weeks. However she was never drawn or described in depth untill Mace was completed.
- Like Choc Enzen and the rest of the space bar robots, Nano doesnt have visable ears but the yellow shapes are supposed to be an indicator for both microphones.
- whilst not a full wardrobe, Nano does have a christmas hat and waist coat for the seasonal period.

Nano (c) mitchika2
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May 30, 2016
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