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Mystic Family line-up by mitchika2 Mystic Family line-up by mitchika2
The Mystic Family are the center of The Mystic Emerald.
The Series started and revolves around them so it made sense to make a decent image of them all together.

Mitchika Mystic is me, personified into my own universe - he's the head of the show when he feels like taking part. If i like something, he likes something. Mitchika's ability is his speed - its unnaturally fast.

Genika Mystic is Mitchika's sister - she studies magic and works hard on exams but that doesnt mean she lacks a girly side. if you're in seek of a friend then Gen will be there.

Shika Mystic is Mitchika's brother - A renowned genius in the Mystic Valley and outer areas, he has built many devices and was one half of the duo that rebuilt Choc Enzen and keeps her maintained.

Ukara Okuno is the maid and surrogate mother figure of the Mystic Family - Ukara has spent many years living in the castle and is very much part of the family. She does everything you would expect and more. The siblings are fine with taking orders from her.

Cherry Blossom is the Mystic Family's only cousin - shes friendly, kind and lovable although quite body concious. You wont find her in any swimwear. Cherry doesnt live in the castle, she has her own house and income.

Mitchika Z (refered to as Zed) is a failed clone of Mitchika created by Jake Chievs. He was supposed to be a negative to the original but that didnt work out - he now lives with Mitch and the family as if he always has done.

Mitchika, Genika, Shika, Ukara, Cherry, Zed (c) mitchika2
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