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Mace by mitchika2 Mace by mitchika2
Mace is first central character in the Corius City world and the reason it exists in the first place - She is a top of the line robot AI with the ability to assist in law enforcement and military missions.
GearzRobotics spent a decade building Mace from the ground up as they didnt want help from the Space Bar or the Mystic Valley, as a result - while Mace may look more realistic than Choc, she lacks the same heart and emotion.

Mace was a specificly chosen name as it had some reference to protection (Mace Spray) while also sounding fairly feminine, which is good considering the gender and voice of the AI. While in her job fighting crime, Mace is used and stored as a tool, unlike Nano who is 'living' a life, she sleeps in the HeadQuarters for the Corius City Police Department to recharge and then spends the following day out on missions with her partner - Officer Mia.

The design for Mace is influenced by Patty Wagon from Might Switch Force as well as generic robot pieces. Her design may change slightly as this image of her seems really odd when compared to Nano who is supposed to be made by the same company. The shared differences between Mace and Nano are their owners and the hair on the back of their heads.

Fun Facts:
- Mace's design came before Nano's but the idea for Mace came after Nano.
- The hair 'fins' on Human Mace are more exagurated than on her robot form.
- The failure 'clone' of Mace is called "Pepper" (Pepper Spray).
- Charlie is the sole antagonist for Mace, among terror in general.
- Mace lacks a mouth, this was fixed with the design of Nano.

MACE (c) mitchika2
Krimzonguard1 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
:O really good! you drew this? for real... its really impressive!
mitchika2 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015   Digital Artist
thank you, and using an old version of MSpaint :)
Krimzonguard1 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
ah! it still a remarkable piece of deviant art :D that encourages more and more people to draw :) so... thank you ^^!
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August 22, 2015
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