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Alton Towers - Th13teen by mitchika2 Alton Towers - Th13teen by mitchika2
Th13teen is the last character i have done - i wont be making a nemesis because it is already an alien creature and doesnt warrant a human design as a result.

Th13teen is a mysterious girl who entered the the Dark forest sometime between 2009 and 2010 - taking the area over and possessing the sectors only resident (Rita). She is a young girl about 16 who wandered away from the safe path and as a result was 'taken' by the forest - becoming the host to all sort of supernatural phenomina.
As a design i like the simplicity to her - just like 'Possessed Rita' she too has a 13 neckless held on by one of the many tree branches she is entangled it - when 'active' her eyes glow blue as does the aura around her but even when she is dosile, she has protection thanks to her body guards - the Reiths (cloaked demons).

Overall Th13tten is based on the girl from the advert for the ride and that was really the only design element i incorporated other than tree roots and a splash of green.
If you go down to the woods today - you better not go alone :)

The Smiler (Girl) :

Opinion of the ride/2016:
i love TH13TEEN, the first time i rode it i was alone with a stranger because of the 2 seater trains but it was still just as fun - the coaster is actually pretty fast but i would really like it if there was more track, Th13teen is a very short ride but im happy to go straight back on it. The station and music is really great - and yes, i now understand why lap bars are more thrilling.

Th13teen ride (c) Alton Towers
Character & Design (c) mitchika2
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May 17, 2016
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