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Alton Towers - Rita by mitchika2 Alton Towers - Rita by mitchika2
Another in the new series of Alton Towers humans - this time its Rita, the queen of speed (or she was - till the dark forest took her over). I like how her design looks the most out of all my designs, except The Smiler.
Rita's suit is styled after the Coaster trains while her boots match the Coaster track, the head is inspired by MEIKO.
How i made both of these up is a bit of a backwards process, Dark Forest Rita has some improvements to the design that i added when changing the colours but Standard Rita uses new design elements from a seperate drawing i did of her. Idealy i should combined both together.

Rita is a calm and confident race car driver as well as the queen of speed on the road and on foot as she is the fastest runner at Alton managing to match the speed of olympic sprinters, she lives in the dark forest with Th13teen, a possessed girl who claimed ownership of this queen sometime between 2009 and 2010, making her into a make-shift protector. Rita has a mostly negative relationship with her step-brother 'Stealth' who lives a fair while away from Alton, lucky for her but occasionally he stops being cocky & cool enough to show her some sibling love.

Opinion of the ride/2016: Eh im not really a fan of launch coasters due to the sudden speed and this was my first ride of that type - Rita has one hell of a first turn that goes straight into an air-time hill which will smack your ears if you arent tensing your body at launch. I also feel the brake run is too forceful because it causes you to jolt forwards - they could at least make the speed decrease smoother since the brakerun lasts a fair distance.

The Smiler (girl) :

Rita (c) Alton Towers
art and design (c) mitchika2
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Arcieoctz Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2016
Possessed or not, your Rita is amazing.
I love this speed coaster even though I've never been to Alton Towers theme park, I don't even live in England! 
It took me a while to appreciate the park, that I used to hate because of The Smiler accident, but I eventually fell in love with it this summer.
Yes, I am crazy!
But my brain works well enough to identify a well done work when my eyes see it.
40 points to the "Queen of Speed", she will always have this qualification for me.

Sorry for potential mistakes, english is not my mother language.
mitchika2 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016   Digital Artist
thats alright, thank you for the very nice comment ^^
they give me motivation to continue this stuff ~
Arcieoctz Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016
I am so happy I motiveted you with my comment.
Listen, I'm going to ask you a favour and I'm scared half to death because I am afraid you will hate me after that.
But I will ask you any way.
I'm writing a fanfiction with Alton Towers' roller coaster in their human appearance, or at least I'm trying to do so.
I was wondering if you would let me borrow some of your characters aspects since they gave me the ispiration to write a fanfiction.
Of course if you let me borrow them, I would write expressly that you were the one who had drawn their phisical aspect doing all the hard work.
I promise you that and I am a girl who keeps her promises.
But, whatever you will decide, it will be fine by me.

Thanks for reading.

If you are interested in what the fanfiction I'm writing is about, I will do a summary of my general idea. 
mitchika2 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016   Digital Artist
taking design aspects is fine, its humbling to be the insperation for a fiction.
Rita's design is just something i've always imagined - years before even drawing her.
Arcieoctz Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
I am sorry if I had disappointed you.
I just wanted you to know that the characters of my "written work" would have been similar to the way you have imagined them with the intention to not dissapoint you if you would have read their description and though some one had copied your work.
I did not mean to do any thing disappointing, I just wanted to be honest, that's all.

I hope you won't be angry with me because of this story.
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April 14, 2016
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