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Alton Towers - Oblivion by mitchika2 Alton Towers - Oblivion by mitchika2
Edit: The hand and arm bugged me for so long that i've fixed it.

Here is Oblivion from Alton Towers, largely based on the Lord of Darkness who wears a black suit but i felt it needs lots more orange in it. I imagine Oblivion would have an angel and a demon on his shoulders who constantly bicker with each other (As if putting up with the Smiler twins wasnt enough). In terms of age hes a man a bit older than Air since those coasters were built a few years apart.

Oblivion lives in the X-Sector with The Smiler twins, for the most part they get along well but sometimes he is very aggrivated by them, their creepiness and their laughter - Even though he lives on a hill a fair distance from them. Oblivion has a younger brother called "Black Hole" who has white asthetics opposed to the Black asthetics he enjoys wearing.
Oblivion was originally supposed to record and test the fear of people who were on the edge of disappearing but in later years he has hung around, acting as an over seer for Alton, since better thrills have cropped up in recent years such as his new neighbour.

Opinion of the ride 2016:
My first time riding Oblivion was filled with anxiousness since its a new experience for me. The wait to drop definatly didnt feel like 2 seconds, possibly half a second really and the G-Force going vertical is quite a rush, i couldnt shout or breath but really its not something i want to ride repeatedly... the queue is really peaceful and out of the way which makes the suspence worse. I think its time Oblivion had an over-haul, everything at this point is dated and boring to look at, give it a more impressive station and theming.

The Smiler Girl:

Oblivion Ride & Logo (c) Alton Towers
Artwork and Design (c) mtichika2
TranquillTVARTSHIFT Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2017
So amazing, I can imagine Nemesis in human form.
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