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Alton Towers - Air by mitchika2 Alton Towers - Air by mitchika2
The improved version of an attempt i made several years ago and i really enjoy this version a lot more. I actually looked up angel wing references this time instead of trying to 'wing' it like i did before...
The new changes include a complete redesign of her top and shorts, the removal of her bracelets aswell as a hair cut.
Among the new set of Alton Tower designs - Air was the one i started with, followed quickly by The Smiler (girl).

Air is a protective, carefree adventurer - she soars the skies and dips down through the 'forbidden vallies' of her home land, making sure things are as they should be - that includes keeping an eye on the Nemesis alien.
She lives in the valley and is often called upon when events or situations break out - acting as the head of the Alton gang despite existing after Oblivion arrived.

As of 2016 Air has taken to space in search of new discoveries, sporting a new body design but the same hair style. She still lives in the Forbidden Valley but now owns a small company called "AIR - SPACE TECHNOLOGIES".

Opinion of the ride, as Galactica 2016:
Well again, this is another new roller coaster for me and i really love the new space feel to it, especially the magestic ambience provided by IMAscore, although nothing will top The Smiler's theme. I really like the Virtual Reality video that plays during the ride and am looking forward to the other locations that Alton Towers has planned to add to the space travel. Galactica is in my top three coasters at the park, behind Th13teen and The Smiler.

The Smiler (Girl) :

Air & Galactica (c) Alton Towers
Character and Design (c) mitchika2
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May 15, 2016
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