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Agent Charl.13 by mitchika2 Agent Charl.13 by mitchika2
As a proper name its "Charlie" ~ She is a hybrid Cyborg/Android girl but im not sure which parts are for which.
Charlie is part of the MACE project and as such also exists within the Corius City world currently being built in my fictional world of the Mystic Emerald. She is the main antagonist against MACE after the previous villain's creation was a complete flop.
Charlie is the 13th creation to be tested but unlike the others - she actually passed and went into operation.

Charlie is my first terrorist, i guess - she doesnt care about you or others if it isnt related to her job, working for 'the organisation'. At creation Charlie was built to kick ass and take body counts but while bored - the creators gave her a personality, free-will and the ability to behave like a normal girl.
However, she is a machine and lacks any genitalia making it perfectly OK for her to walk around nude but still lacks the ability to eat.

Aswell as having military training, knowledge of how things work and weapons training - she also has the ability to fly in the same fashion that ASTRO BOY can, her "boots" are a part of her body and break apart to become a form of thrust. Her socks are fake, they simply slide into the ring on the top of the boot to give the impression they are real.

Of course making a completely sentient AI that is a threat to everyone has its risks and as such Charlie is mentored by a computer braclet that goes everywhere she does. this upper class male acts in the same way Jarvis does in Iron-Man or any other on-board computer. The braclet doesnt currently have a name but it is male.

Fun facts:
- the various numbers on Charlie's body represent the date i created her as a character. (1st & 2nd equal time - 3rd number equals day // 23:25 on the 9th)
- Charlie was co-created by Dr. Jake Chievs from the villians group in my main series.
- Charlie is one of few characters with a wardrobe, she has casual clothes (pictured) as well as her agent outfit.
- Charlie has a british cockney accent.

Charlie (c) mitchika2
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May 30, 2016
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