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Started as a sketch on my smartphone. I finished this up in Photoshop.
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Great design, well done :)
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Amazing. That's really cool.
Great work.
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terrorizing, this rocks!
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I don't know if you received my note earlier or forgot to respond (really sorry if am annoying you with this) but would you be willing to have your creations put into life?
(as in videogame )^^
InstilledPhear's avatar
Fantastic! I love the asymmetry!
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Thanks everybody :D Glad you like this piece :)
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Reminds me of Dark Souls for some reason.
Probably because I have been playing it a lot...
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ZALGO!anyone here?
MitchGrave's avatar
What's a ZALGO?
BlazBlood's avatar
well he is the monster of all monsters.he created every last monster know to man.he's really powerful and you can check out the video…
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Very inspired :) I'd love to see that in any RPG/FPS sort of game.
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perfect! great work!
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That's awful. great and awful XD
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