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King of Depression

Another speedpainting .. roughly 1 1/2 hrs .. 
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Depression is a skilled killer.
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But... he makes me so happy <3
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beautiful, man
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So this is what happened to the Nazguls
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someone needs a hug Huggle! Shaymin 
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This is a drawing of the awesomeness.
            Clap   I am a dummy!   La la la la   Nod
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If this is the King of Depression, one can only wonder what the lord of mania looks like. Gloomy, stark, sinister vibe. Reminds me of the dementors of Harry Potter. He does look like he can suck the life out of every party.
King of Depression VS Ben Bernanke

Round 1

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Were you meaning 'depression' as in the mental illness or something else?  Either way, badass!
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Great work, looks cool :)
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Looks really well drawn.
AkaN0xx's avatar the colors
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He looks kinda cool to me, like he's chilling haha

Not in such a bad mood :D
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i can't stop looking at this, its bloody amazing!
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This is terrifying.... in a really good way
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Love the atmosphere in this!
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This is awesome!!!!
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My spirit animal
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