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The Art of Mitch Foust 2019 Yearbook Kickstarter has launched and is off to a roaring start! 2019 will be a remarkable year for me. Thanks to my Patrons on Patreon, I will not have only one book of new art, but TWO!

2019 Yearbook Cover combo

The first Book is the 2019 Yearbook. It contains all of the paintings, drawings, and commissions I've completed over the past year. This will be my eleventh Yearbook. This year's book will be 64 pages of color and B&W images. I think it is my strongest book to date.

One Extra Cover combo

The second book of new art is One Extra. Every week for the past year, I have worked "One Extra" drawing in for my Patreon Group. This images are all my own and several could be the turned into paintings. One Extra will be 50 pages of B&W images.


The Campaign will run through May 7th. Remember, your credit card will not be run until the end of the campaign, so you have some time to plan. Please consider joining us for this campaign!

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The 2018 Yearbook Kickstater runs through April 30, 2018

The 2018 Yearbook will be my tenth Yearbook, It's hard to believe I've already hit ten! They started as a collection to sell at San Diego Comic Con, but quickly turned into a collections of all of the art produced in the previous year. This year's book is the largest so far. The page count will be at least 84 pages, maybe more. There is a lot of work that has not been released contained in the book. Take a look at the Kickstater and see all the different pledge rewards available. I you see something you'd like, make a pledge. All pledge rewards include domestic shipping.
2018 Yearbook Cover combo by MitchFoust

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DragonCon 2017

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I will be set up in the Art Show at DragonCon this year. The Art Show is in the Hyatt. The DragonCon Art Show is one of the best around. World Class artists showing off their best work. I will have 45 new images this year, along with the 2017 Yearbook. I'll also have prints, past Yearbooks, and original art. If you are going to Dragoncon, please stop by and say hi!
2017 Dragoncon Art Show by MitchFoust
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I don't have any 2010 Yearbooks left in my collection. I don't know why, but this bothers me. So I've decided to do a small special printing of the 2010 Yearbook. Probably 50-100. I've also decided to share these with all of my Patrons on Patreon. These books will ship at no charge. I would ask that international Patrons pay shipping. For all Patrons signed up before 6-30-17, I will ship them a complimentary copy of the 2010 Yearbook. Rewards start at only $2 per month. We have picked up several new patrons already. Please take a look and consider this offer. I'd love to share the book with you.

2010 Yearbook for all Patreon Patrons ends 6-30 by MitchFoust

2010 Yearbook Cover by MitchFoust
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The Art of Mitch Foust 2017 Yearbook Kickstarter Campaign has launched!

The Yearbook is my annual showcase for all my work in the previous year. This year's book contains many images that have not been posted to Deviantart.
The book is 64 pages of digital paintings and pencil drawings.
The companion book this year is Chroma. Chroma is a full color book featuring some of my favorite drawings that I have digitally painted. I've posted a few samples over the past few months. The response has been very positive.

Rewards this year include not only the 2017 Yearbook and Chroma, but also prints, past yearbooks, original art, and a limited number of commissions. For those who have been asking about commissions, these are the only commissions I will take this year.

Please take a look and consider supporting this campaign.
With your help, this book will become a reality.

You can find me on
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The Art of Mitch Foust 2018 Yearbook by MitchFoust, journal

DragonCon 2017 by MitchFoust, journal

Special Patreon Offer Ends 6-30 by MitchFoust, journal

2017 Yearbook Kickstarter by MitchFoust, journal by MitchFoust, journal