Rogues of Larakesh

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Some of you have asked where I have been over the past 8 months. "I'm working on a big project." has been my usual reply.
Here is the project. An original graphic novel called The Rogues of Larakesh! is the production blog site. I'll be updating this site about once a week.
There are character sketches and brief bios there. Check 'em out.

The graphic Novel will be formatted 8.5x11. I like the larger magazine size format. It will be around 80 pages or so when complete.
I plan on completely finishing the pencils, then start the painting process. I should be completed with the pencils around the first of the year.
I've already completed about half the pencils so far.

Once the painting process begins, I will start publishing pages as I finish on line.

I'm really excited about this project. It is the first project I've worked on that is a story that I want to tell.
It's got the things that I want to draw. Pretty girls, exotic characters, Orientalist setting, and a dwarf!
I'll be posting more as the weeks go by.

Please join me on this ride,
I'm having a lot of fun!

Thanks for taking the time,
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looking good :)