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I've been very busy with the King David Volume 2 project. I'm about half way complete. It has been nice working on sequential pages, and I've found I really like the landscape format. Adam Shaw :iconadamshaw: is also working on the project. He has some great work, check it out. King David Volume 1 is available at

We have our Booth confirmation for San Diego Comic Con, Booth 2201. Same as last year.
Normally, I have commission auctions up on ebay prior to the convention. This year I may just take commission requests here from DA. It will only be 8 at the most. I still have 4 left over from last year when the King David project started early! If it looks like there is enough response, I'll post more info in May or June.

I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks. I listened to Glen Cook's Black Company series. I've seen Glen around at conventions for years, but I never had read any of his books. It is tough to read and draw at the same time! I plan to let him know how much I enjoyed them. I've also discovered Joe Abercrombie. I've really enjoyed his books. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoyed his gritty realistic approach to fantasy. Kind of like a George R.R. Martin, only bloodier.

I am looking forward to HBO's Game of Thrones. I think this one may be a good, if not great. I look at how SyFy butchered Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series with The Seeker and I cringe. I really hope that Game of Thrones is a success. If so, could the Wheel of Time be far behind?

Speaking of Wheel of Time, isn't Brandon Sanderson just kicking ass? Not only is finishing the Wheel of Time series for the late Robert Jordan, but his other fantasy books are really fun. He has a great way of explaining how magic works in his stories.

For those of you who spend time at the drawing board and want to listen to audiobooks, is a division of Amazon and have audiobooks for immediate download.

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Good to hear from you Mitch! Glad you're doing well, missed you at Seattle a couple weeks ago! I'm also missing seeing your stuff here on DA! It's been too long man!