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Girl's Night Out

By MitchFoust
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"In a female’s own home, she knows where the knives are hidden." -- Drow proverb

When you´re both - frightend and aroused!
This would made for a great party for a D&D game... Now as the DM I gotta see if I can pull it together.
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First thought on seeing this... 'Yep. Somebody is getting shanked tonight.'
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Aw! <3

I would *so* love this as a wallpaper!
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Oh ,they are beautiful.You 've given them different hair and skin tones
gazukull's avatar
This is basically what I see every time I close my eyes.  Such Dark Elf.  Much Blade. So Excellent. Wow.
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Five Drowgirls looking for some fun. Awesome. :)
Spider-Bat700's avatar
Drow beach party for the win
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Beautifully done sir! Love it!
It's a great companion piece to "Sisters of Divine Retribution"
Epic! Dare we ask for one in wallpaper size to go with the Sisters? :D
rainchickk's avatar
They are beautiful and each one has her own distinct look.wonderful group picture
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Nice job!
A deadly group, no doubt.
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Very, very nice! Love this female wolf pack. Very cool.
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Is it possible that you just keep getting better? Got the book by the way. Looks epic! Great work.
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very nice & nicely done Love 
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"Drow... they wanna have fu-un... ohhhh Drow just wanna have fun!"
as long as it involves torture, sacrifice, raiding surface dwellers, and worshiping the spider-goddess...

But how many dumb males would approach that group at a tavern?
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...and because it make "Poor Some Sugar On Me" play in my head, I give this piece that coveted: Tawny Kitaen Award for Epic Video Vamp Hawtness.

It's pretty much every inch of wall space in my room as a kid... Mortal Kombat and centerfolds... rolled into one.  Perfect.
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Better hide boys, the grrrls are back in town!
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