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Nekoni Writing

Active Psychics: 100%
Common Talents: Shaping Rituals.
Status: 1,000 in a single shard, possibly more in exile.
Location: Nekoni Shard.
Life force: Golden Yellow, Appetite
Average Lifespan: 200 years. (Can live longer, but at 200 they become relatively unsustainable)


Nekoni are, well...Neko Oni. Female, feline humanoids, standing eight feet tall. They are known for their thick, voluptuous figure. While plump, this does not interefere with their strength or agility. Beneath their layer of subcutenous fat, they have a large amounts of muscle, and are known for growing larger and larger with age, due to a habit of constantly gorging themselves. They alternate between deep red skin on their body, and fur-like feline extremities. Their ears are catlike, and their lower torso is almost entirely that of an anthromorphic feline. Their forearms are quite pawlike as well, creating wonders how they are so good at cooking.
As a race, they are laid back and gregarious, creating the nickname of 'Demons of Gluttony', despite not actually being demonic. They are not, however, slothful. They enjoy making friends, having fun with them, and convincing people to live life to the fullest. They can best be described as a fussy mother, sometimes going too far, but ultimately having good intentions.
That said, they have a severe issue. Namely, evenmoreso then Gods and Demons, they have no understanding of differing cultures. They firmly believe their way is the best way, and want to encourage more people to live like them. They also have a severe distrust of Demons, thanks to the issues of the past. Ironically, they get along well with Gods, at least in theory, thanks to a diety being responsible for helping ensure the survival of their race. Unfortunately, culturally they are far closer to Demons, desiring independence, curiosity, and having no respect for house relationships. This often leads to them alternating between being loners, and creating small groups of friends, whom they use the loanword "Nakama" to describe.
They are, at present, almost currently entirely restricted to a sealed space off the borders of Okinawa. This is due to their issues during the purges, as they were almost completely wiped out by certain Demons for the power they possessed.


The main ability of Nekoni, and the only ability that has enabled their survival, is their incredible skill at shaping rituals. While they did not originally experiment with sealed spaces, they have learned to do it greatly, mostly taught by the savior of their species.
They have a large resiliance, iin haprt due to their protective lair, in part due to natural body-hardening. Different from normal body hardening techniques, it is less strengthing, and more creating protective, reflective lairs. To put it another way, most shots quite literally bounce off them.
They are also incredibly resiliant to poisons, and can take nourishment from just about anything. However, tehir favorite is any drink that has been fermented, and they can in fact subside entirely on this. Ironically, WITHOUT alcohol in their system, they naturally become irritable, prone to problems with decision making, and slowed reaction times. In short, they act more 'drunk' the less alcohol they have.
Their greatest, and most crucial, ability is a shaping ritual known as the nourishment feast. This ritual encourages increased crop flow, fertility, and such in any land they inhabit, once cast. It is this ritual that has allowed them such bounty, enabled their survival, and also damned them.
One of their most sacred rituals, known as the 'soul cake', allows them to create an artifact similar to Dryad Fruit, or Immortal Ascension machines. They can put their own life force into a single cake, and allow whoever eats it to become a Nekoni. This ritual is risky, as it's essentially causing massive life force corruption, and is almost never undertaken without plenty of Nekoni on hand to provide medical treatment. Furthermore, making the cake is risky, due to the high amount of life force that it takes to make it.


The biggest weakness, biologically, of the Nekoni is their gluttonous nature. They need to eat far, far more then any normal race, and cannot naturally adapt to less food. Without enough food, they are known to enter hibernation, until they can wake up in a better area. They are, however, known for passing away peacefully in this hibernation. One of their darker secrets, is that they are actually 'life force vampires'. While the equilibrium is uneven, they are capable of draining life force from fresh meals and feasts they eat. They then use the drained life force to naturally prevent the effects of aging. This also leads to them growing larger, and requiring more food. Unfortunately, again, this is uneven. Eventually, they need more then they can handle, and pass away. On eof the secrets of the Nekoni, is that a hibernating Nekoni can be used as 'fuel' in the nourishment ritual, thereby returning to the land.


Nekoni, as an all female race, reproduce in the same manner as trolls. At least, in theory. However, due to centuries of shaping rituals and homunculi rituals, all Nekoni presently living were created artificially. In fact, Nekoni's fertility has gradually decayed, though they preserved knowledge of how to recover this lost ability.
That said, Nekoni aren't against the idea of sex. On the contrary, they find it quite enjoyable. As such, they like having it as much as they can, though generally only with friends, and people they care about, though they understand that some people tend to be more...picky.
As such, marrige amongst the Nekoni is unheard of. They've heard STORIES, but find the idea of 'I promise to only have sex with just you'...foreign.


The history of the Nekoni is similar to that of many Purged races. It began during the time of the Yaran and Enki, when they first arrrived back on Earth. HIstory is unclear if they were already there, developed shortly afterwards, or were created by one of the two.
What is clear is the part they played. That of aggressive neutrality. They attempted to befriend both sides, and work for peace. Needless to say, it did not go well until the rise of Vishnu and Lilith. Afterwards, during the time of detante, they attempted to befriend both sides.
It went well, and even once Lilith and Visune seperated forever, they retained allies on each, primarily due to their friendly, caring nature.
At least, unti the purges. You see, Nekoni mainly lived in shards, which were designed to be the perfect inhabiting area for the Nekoni. Empty fields of grass, food, and animals, all of which are delicious and well fed. Few natural predators, an absolute paradise. Nekoni shards were tied to an anchor, keeping them close to Earth and easily accessible to all.
Once the purges started, the unnamed order givers realized it would be a perfect solution to Yomi's overcrowding. So, they ordered an invasion, lead by Surtur, to attack their anchor, and invade their shard. The invasion was a complete success, and were it not for a single God known as Bullion Base, a self-chosen nickname, they would have been wiped out to the last woman. As it is, enough of them managed to flee to farther away shards, that Surtur was unable to follow. The shards that had been previously their territory, was taken by Yomi, and combined with it permenantly and irreversably.
This did nothing to solve Yomi's overcrowding, as it was only the lost shaping rituals, and life force cycle, of the Yomi that alllowed them to do as such. The surviving Nekoni had all fled beyond the reach of the Purges, and were considered extinct.
Until today, when Professor "Hawkeye" Dyson rediscovered a lost connection to the shards of the Nekoni, with the aid of the Socrates Group. The Nekoni, despite the danger, had left a single, hidden gateway, to their shards. This would allow them to return to Earth when it was safe, and try to bring about peace and understanding. Or, at the least, have fun and get good food to eat. Now they have returned, and are eager to rejoin society.

Once the purges started, factions within Yomi went to just about any lengths to kill every last Nekoni, and combine those shards with Yomi. They succeeded, only to discover a terrible irony. The lands were only fertile BECAUSE of the presence of the Nekoni, and attempting to enslave the surviving Nekoni failed miserably. In the end, while they expanded Yomi, it did nothing to stop the overcrowding issue, which continues to this day. The Purges of the Nekoni did nothing to aid the people of Yomi.
However, a single God, known by the rather ridiculous self-chosen nickname of Bullion Base, who loved the Nekoni with all his heart, and enjoyed partaking in their culture. They were kept secret until relatively recently, their location hidden in Bullion Base's Mark, until the Socrates Group started discovering other races. The Nekoni were discovered by a civilian attache, Professor "Hawkeye" Dyson. Now, the Nekoni have returned, and are ready to help everyone become friends.

Race package

Suggested Aspect: Feline Mother, Nekoni Chef. Big Fun.
Power Adantages
Resistance 1 AP (Poison)
Cost 1AP
Life Force stress: Highest Psychic + Endurance
Life-Force name and color: Appetite, Golden Yellow

Nekoni's purge was by the Order Givers.

Nekoni shards were, originally, well kknown, anchored to stay near earth. With the help of Bullion Base, they fled to unanchored shards, making pursuit impossible, and allowing Yomi to absorb those shards.
Hiya! I'm a big fan of Divine Blood, a setting by Thrythlind, and he gave me permission to do a racial write-up. So, I picked Nekoni, from LordTHawkeye.

Anyway, this is designed to let them be used in the FATE system, and the Divine Blood RPG. I'm also running a game in that setting,…

I'm excited!
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