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Twilight of the Gods

Image i made, which kind of just kept growing, based on the Goetterdaemmerung - the lat part of the Nibelungen, when Valhalla burns and the Rhine overflows

Bruennhilde singt:

Fliegt heim, ihr Raben!
Raunt es eurem Herren,
was hier am Rhein ihr gehört!
An Brünnhildes Felsen fahrt vorbei.
Der dort noch lodert,
weiset Loge nach Walhall!
Denn der Götter Ende dämmert nun auf.
So – werf' ich den Brand
in Walhalls prangende Burg.
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Your use of texture is amazing!
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thanks for that comment - texturing is something i am always lamenting that i wish i could do better
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Wonderful painting! By any chance, are you familiar with the Blind Guardian song of the same name?
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no i am not familiar with that, though i do enjoy Blind Guardian - i have listened to a few of their Tolkien themed songs, i like their choice of subject matter. I think though also in doing this work not only Wagners music came to mind but also that of Bathory
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Sehr schön!
I really like that people still remember the classics!
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Danke sehr! Die Kraft und Genie des deutschen Geistes in Kunst, Theater, Poesie Philosophie, Revolutionaerer Politik, und vieles mehr uebt einen grossen Einfluss auf mich , ja sogar noch auf die Welt auch wenn dessen den meisten nicht bewusst
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Tatsächlich! Das erfreut mich sehr und zu lesen, dass unsere Kultur auf der anderen Seite der Welt so geschätzt wird erfüllt mich mit Stolz!
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I've just made certain to favorite this one! And I must say it is quite the glorious, spectacular image... majestic, beautiful, and apocalyptic all at the same time. Quite a worthy adaptation of the Gotterdammerung indeed! :)
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thankyou for checking it out :) you described it well all my feelings towards this final act
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This is very impressive! Great work with this! 
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thankyou very much!
Magnanimous!! Excellent work
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thank you very much
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Feels like a classical painting. I love everything about this.
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thank you, i do like classical paintings - i  have them as an ideal
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Nice, but you know this is the origin of the term, "its not over until the fat lady sings"

Because only a hefty woman can play the part.

True story
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certainly that would make sense if only a fat lady could play the part - i did look at a span of Brunnhilde figures, i didnt see a large opera singer but i guess i had the vision in my head of the woman depicted
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thank you kindly
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