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Ode to Hoelderlin


I have been working with Artrage more recently and just from the scraps of a portrait of Hoelderin i was attempting, this instead came out of it. Overall I am very impressed with Artrage with its resemblance to real paint and real colour mixing and movement of paint over a textured surface. I have Painter also and I would have thought it the best and certainly it is the more expensive one of the two, but no i must conclude that Artrage is far better and far cheaper in my experience
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that is great to hear I know I choose the right program then! hey would love to see about getting  some commissions done by you are you interested?
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I like it! I would think being there I'd be worried about a rock falling on me from those spires but its quite a calming peaceful picture. Nice work :)
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yes well i was thinking about that too and such a precariousness, a danger is part of the sublime - the great and terrifying that in its stillness too so contemplative
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Well said. Not often does an image carry a certain ambience with it, this one does for me at least. Very interesting.