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Light against Dark (The Ninth Age)
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Published: November 26, 2018
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Artwork created for The Ninth Age. An encounter between the Gavemite and Infernal Dwarves.
Gavemites are the piously religious Dwarves; heavenly light-worshipping orthodox folk when contrasted with Infernal Dwarves.

"Swathed in heavenly radiance and girt for war did faithful Negusaz, son of Eraphram, son of Danak, son of Alemakyu, stand his ground against Azerak of the Chains.

For horned Azerak rose from out of a pit of flames beneath the shadow of his heathen idol, and he threatened Negusaz with a baleful end if he did not stand aside, and yet the son of Eraphram would not yield to let him pass.

And roaring an oath with tusked maw did Azerak tread forth from the hellfire in fury, for he brandished a twin-headed axe with murder in his eyes.

And axe of dark steel clashed with bright-lit sickle sword, locked in mortal combat.

For under the higher gaze of heaven and under the eyes of infernal idol did the warriors trade blows, where light and darkness met." - background story provided by Mathias Rizell
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Ah yes, should probably drop a mention. A couple of doodles inspired (heavily!) by watching Mitchell Nolte's stellar artwork above:

Mature Content

Kegiz Gavem Icon of Garuvebiz the Scorched by JurassicPark89

Mature Content

Kegiz Gavem Icon of Sunken Souls by JurassicPark89

"Stirring artwork", one hobbyist called it, and I fully agree! Inspiring stuff. Makes me want to break out pencils and even brushes to attempt something myself, though obviously much simpler than this professional illustration. :)
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Also, put Nolte's beautiful artwork above up on Chaos Dwarfs Online, here:…
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Hello, thank you so much for your support for our project and for helping our universe to come to life !
The “It's time for Africa !” subproject was initiated by ‘Calisson Druchii’ and me last year, to design, for the first time in the history of wargames, a fantasy continent designed around African history. We have designed 8 new factions so far, based on Malian, Zimbabwean, Ethiopian, Somali, Maghreban, Congolese and Nigerian history and mythologies, mixing them all with our favourite fantasy races ! Vampires, Ratmen, Gnolls, Gorillas, Elves, Shapeshifters, Pygmees, Dwarves, and Prehistoric Beasts are all there ;)

However, please note that our project does its utmost NOT to be associated whatsoever with Warhammer and Games Workshop…
We are The Ninth Age: Fantastic Battles community-made miniatures wargame; a brand new game and a brand new universe, made by the players for the same players, not depending on any private company.
Therefore, any mention of any link between our project and any other fictitious universe whose intellectual property belongs to other people could be extremely detrimental. Thank you for taking note ;)

Anyway, looking forward to more of such illustrations !!
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MitchellnolteProfessional Digital Artist
hi, okay thanks i have altered the description, my apologies
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Thank you ! Looking forward to more work with you !! :)
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so cool
did you used procreate? :)
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Well as i saw the smaller thumnail i just thought intresting foto of a tree. Imagine my suprise as i figured out its an battleszene. ^^°
Nicely done. 👍
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This feels like a Star Wars reference
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Star Wars' clash of light and darkness, good and evil, is an indirect reference to an ancient Persian tradition:…
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Splendid work, master Nolte! Better than I could have dreamed for. Thank you so much for tackling this!

For those interested in the Ethiopian fantasy Dwarves of T9A, check out the brainstorming thread:…
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MitchellnolteProfessional Digital Artist
thank you for your comment! more work for the project is underway!
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Looking forward to it! :D
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