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Aria should have more attention. But everyone talking only about sonatacos :|

Please don't make porn with this picture. I know you will.

Draw Me Like One of Your Horse Women - original
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Best siren, hands down!

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she might not be a good villain, but she's hot!
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Aria Blaze smirkAria Blaze scheming  2 sexy 4 me Love Love 
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She's cool and sweet.
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She looks very good, but what are those purple things she's wearing around her wrists? They look good on her.
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I don't know. Some sort of bands. 
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I want to use this please. I promise its no porn or anything its safe and it will be cute. I'll credit you everything if you like I can tell you about it through notes
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Adagio is my fav dazzling aria is my second fav ironicly my user name almost everwere is sonatadusklovee
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Aria's my favorite
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Aria: Yo Check out mah invis bench. NO SITTING ON IT. ITS MIEN
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 Mark my words! Aria Blaze will make the world bow at her feet with her army of invisible furniture!
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Adorable yet so evil and epic!
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Love That bitch! Are You Happy 
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*notices Aria Bikini pic you made* Nope. You already beat us to it.
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That how it works.
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I don't like pigtails, but she it's the only person I know who can rock them! :D
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ha ha thats funny XD
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too cute aria,i can use this vector
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Of course you can
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aaah impressive she is so beautiful ^^ :squee: I like 
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