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Hamara Kadan

By mistywren
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And the sky filled with dragons as the 5th pass came to an end.
Vaioa Weyr 2010 - 2019

I joined Vaioa back in 2012. The site made me feel welcomed in a community I'd given up hope of being a part of. Where I'd been both ostracized for being sixteen on the first site I'd joined, to then being sexually harassed while underage on another, Vaioa gave me a look at the welcoming, kind, and caring side of the Dragonriders of Pern fandom.
It was where nearly all of my original characters spawned, and I met so many people I'd be proud to call friends.

The announcement went out last night that the site would be closing, so I felt a need to give a send off piece. While this art is personal to me, I would like to also dedicate it to the amazing friends I made on the site, and of course the staff in particular who my appreciation of goes beyond words. The people who dedicated so much of themselves so that I and others could have the phenomenal experience of being part of the canon they built for us.

While C'nar was not my first character on Vaioa, he was my first candidate. Dyath was the first impression, and honestly gift from the staff. The pair became such a unique dynamic that I wouldn't have honestly come up with on my own, and were just the start of the absolutely amazing adventure.

"I fall asleep in my own tears 
I cry for the the world, for everyone
I can't recall last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful" - Aurora - Warrior

 - A period of time occurring at the end of day during which the sun sets. 
Kadan - "Where the heart lies"; an all-purpose word for a person one cares about, including friends, family and loved ones.
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A perfect send-off that encapsulates it all for many of us, really. Thank you for making this. 

(Also the colours are just eye-popping, yo.)
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Absolutely beautiful!
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Hi wren, thank you for making this mesmerizing artwork masterpiece. It’s so awesome, epic, and breathtaking. Overall thank you so much for making this masterpiece, and you have a great artistic dragon wren day 😁😎🐉 🎨⭐️