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Sesshoumaru means "killing perfection"

Sess (c) Rumiko Takahashi
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woooo~I love it
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I like it so much! Great job!
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omg, it´s perfect
sesshy, he´s so awesome. love this pic
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OMG I LOVE SESSHOUMARU! :D I've only drawn Sesshy three times but they never come out quite right XD i messed up my coloring on my pic of him shirtless. I love this picture! teach me how to draw his lordliness!!!
awesome art of sessoumaru!! you've really captured him!!! his face, hair, and armor look perfect, and the changing of colors is not kind of my stuff either but it did fitted him!
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it is awesome! great job!
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*gasp* It's great. Although I'm an Inuyasha fangirl seems I've started falling for Sesshoumaru lately.... O_o; Something's definitely wrong...

The artwork is just amazing!! Loving it!! I'm sure gona fave this!
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sorry i mean reaalllly pretty
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I like! looks pretty
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Hi my Name is Katherine Robertson and i saw your beautiful picture of Sesshoumaru, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind if I transfered it to wood and wood burned it. I will happy show you the finished product I was just doing this as a project fo Dokuga to help them keep there sight check it out here Dokuga
please let me know if I can thank you very much
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The fact that you even colored him in his proper and original color scheme automatically gives me reason to fave this! Nonetheless, I love your style and you really captured his essence^^
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He is so... Beautiful...

This pic is awesome.
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Wonderful! The mood here is awesome and you captured his personality very accurately.
Is this copic markers?
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:drool:s Me must have Sesshy-Sama....!!!! :iconglompchaseplz:s Sesshy-Sama.
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Why did Rumiko have to go and make him look so smexy!? XD
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Wow! this looks awesome! ^.^
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OMG Sesshoumaru is so hot here!:love:
Good Job! keep it up :w00t:
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