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Wings of fire, Dragons, Cats, Furries, Warriors, She-Ra
I also may do a headshot, they are all the same price, being the headshot fullbody and halfbody


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I love to draw and I'm trying to become an animator! I may be getting an art tablet right away, so expect some drastic changes in my art style!

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I'm restarting my Deviantart account!
*Inhales* IM ALIVE! I havent been on in ages and I'm okay ^^
What the Highlighted parts mean:
Non-Highlited: Neutral
Blue: Calmly evil
Orange: Violent
Red: Angry
Purple: Angry and Sad

Part One- Instrumental (0-14) - Showing scenes of Tigerstar and Hawkfrost preparing for battle.

Part Two- If you feel so empty so used up so let down (14-22) – Showing Tigerstar teaching Brambleclaw (You can make Tigerstar lip syncing or teaching him battle moves, I'd rather this be an amv)

Part Three- If you feel so angry so ripped off so stepped on (22-30)- Showing Tigerstar teaching Hawkfrost (If you want to make this into an amv, Tigerstar can be lip syncing or teaching him battle moves, but if you want to make this into a pmv, do scenes of them training.  

Part Four- Your not the only one refusing to back down (30-37)- Tigerstar challenging Scourge, you could do Tigerstar attacking Scorgue or taking a step towards him. (Pmv or amv)

Part Five-  Your not the only one so get up (37- 44) Hawkfrost addressing Lionblaze (For a pmv, just do Hawkfrost facing Lionblaze for an amv do Hawkfrost lip syncing or circling Lionblaze) *Make sure both seem quite angry

Part Six- Lets start a riot! a riot! (44-47) On ‘let’s start a riot’ show Ashfur standing on the branch with fire around him, make him staring at the camera with fire reflecting in his eyes or staring at Squirrelflight. On ‘a riot’ show Ashfur setting up the foxtrap or leading Firestar towards it. (This could be both amv or pmv)

Part Seven- Lets start a riot (47-50) Tigerstar staring down Leopardstar (For a amv make Tigerstar lip syncing. For a pmv make Tigerstar look at Leopardstar as if to suggest something, then Leopardstar smiling evilly.)

Part Eight- Lets start a riot! A riot! (50-54) Squirrelflight killing Ashfur near the stream, show Squirrelflight slicing his throat and him falling into the stream on ‘lets start a riot’ then show her walking away like nothing happened on ‘a riot’. (This could be amv or pmv)

Part Nine- Let’s start a riot! ~Brief instrumental break~ (54-1:05) This is your choice! It can be amv or pmv. For ‘let’s start a riot’ you can do any bad thing a cat did. But that cat has to be  Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Scorgue, Brambleclaw, Ashfur, Lionblaze, Squirrelflight, or Crowfeather. Yes it can be a cat I listed and another cat. Then on the instrumental break you can do what ever you want with that cat, but it has to relate to the MAP. Like you can show scenes of their life or their crimes. You could also make it related to part ten, so it could lead up to it.

Part Ten- If you feel so fifthly so dirty so fucked up (1:05-1:13)  Lionblaze killing Heathertail (like his dream), scarlet blood pouring out of her, staining Lionblaze’s paws. On ‘fucked up’ make him burst into tears. (This can be a pmv or a amv) *If you can, try to make the edges hazy and dreamlike

Part Eleven- If you feel so walked on so painful so pissed off. (1:13- 1:20) This is a multiple choice one, so you have options. If you want this part to be a pmv you can:
-Make Ashfur glare at Squirrelflight being close to Brambleclaw then Tigerstar or Hawkfrost appears on ‘pissed off’
-Make Lionblaze snap back into reality as Heathertail glares at him and turns away, Tigerstar appears on ‘painful’ and Hawkfrost appears on ‘so pissed off’
-Make Hollyleaf turn away from her mother. When she turns away make Tigerstar appear and her eyes go wide. (Because I don’t have a ref for Hollyleaf you can make her look however you want to, as long as we can recognize her as Hollyleaf)

If you want this part as a amv you can:
-Make Lionblaze open his eyes to see Heathertail walking away from him, Tigerstar appears on ‘so painful’ then Hawkfrost appears right after and they both grin evilly at Lionblaze.
-Make Ashfur storm away from Squirrelflight on ‘if you feel so walked on’ and make him have a vision of hurting Squirrelflight on ‘so painful so pissed off’  
-Make Crowfeather staring at Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf with sorrow in his eyes, quickly replaced with anger as Leafpool appears on ‘so pissed off’

Part Twelve- Your not the only one refusing to go down.(1:20-1:28) Brambleclaw and Hawkfost locked in battle. (Make this an amv please)

Part Thirteen- Your not the only one so get up (1:28-1:35) Show Tigerstar and Hawkfrost lip syncing this part or show scenes of them training Brambleclaw then Lionblaze. (amv or pmv)

Part Fourteen- Let’s start a riot! a riot! let’s start a roit! (1:35-1:42) Show different scenes of cats doing bad things from the books (pmv)

Part Fifteen- Let’s start a riot! A riot! let’s start a riot! (1:42- 1:50) Show different scenes of cats killing their enemies (ex. Ashfur and Squirrelflight, Tigerstar and Firestar, Nightcloud and Leafpool, Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw) (pmv or amv)

Part Sixteen- Solo (1:50-2:15) Scenes of Tigerstar and Hawkfrost spying on Lionblaze, Ashfur, Squirrelflight, and Brambleclaw. (amv or pmv)

Part Seventeen- If you feel so empty so used up so let down. (2:15-2:23) Many cats bowing down to Tigerstar and Hawkfrost (amv or pmv)

Part Eighteen- If you feel so angry just get up (2:23-2:30) Tigerstar and Hawkfrost change to StarClan warriors, and as cats start to notice they stop bowing and get up, angry looks on
their faces. (amv or pmv)

Part Nineteen- Let’s start a riot. A riot. Lets start a riot. (2:30-2:36) Tigerstar lip syncing this in the dark, by himself. (amv)

Part Twenty- Let’s start a riot! A riot! Lets start a riot! (2:36-2:44) Tigerstar and Hawkfrost start battling Firestar and Leopardstar (Use whatever design you want for Firestar and Leopardstar) (amv or pmv)

Part Twenty-One- Let’s start a riot! A riot! Let’s start a riot! A riot. (2:44-2:52) Tigerstar bringing down Firestar and Hawkfrost bringing down Leopardstar. (amv or pmv)

Part Twenty-Two- Let’s start a riot! A riot! Let’s start a riot! (2:52-2:58) Tigerstar and Hawkfrost training random warriors in the dark forest. (amv or pmv)

Part Twenty-Three- Let’s start a riot! A riot! Let’s start a riot......(2:58-3:12) Show Tigerstar opening his eyes, then show him laying down, bleeding heavily as Scourge stands over him, paws bloody. As the voice start’s to trail off on the last ‘lets start a riot’ show Tigerstar dying. (amv or pmv)

Part Twenty-Four- Instrumental (3:12-3:28) Show Tigerstar waking up in the dark forest, then getting up and looking around. Right before the music stops make Tigerstar look up at the sky. Then when it’s silent show that the sky is dark with no stars. (pmv or amv)


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