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Disgustingly Relentless

--------------NO LORE----------------

umm this one is like a one off. I kinda wanted to take a break from doing Ashen Shrikes stuff but strictly speaking...this was what the Ashen Shrikes could have been.

In part, an explanation of the piece but also an explanation of how the whole Ashen Shrikes thing came from. 

-------------BLOODY LONG BACKSTORY-------------

tldr:ashen shrikes were originally nurgle warband, inspired by the night lords novels and the new plague marines are goofy looking

This all started about last year, 2016, summer where I started reading the amazing Night Lords novels(SURPRISED, IF ANYONE HASNT NOTICED THAT I AM BASICALLY PUTTING TOGETHER A RENEGADE CHAPTER, COMPLETE WITH SHIP CREWS). I've read two of the Dark Apostle novels and they were...pretty ok I guess. Not as good as the Night Lords one tho. The novel was based around a very small group of chaos space marines which I really liked. and everything and every character was more personal, more fleshed out. it gave an insight to what being a chaos space marine would be really like. Not just yelling "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD" all the time. what they do on downtime. so on. So its got me really inspired. because lets face it. I aint never gonna buy myself a 5000pt army. not 2000pt army. not even 1000pt army.  i dont have anyone around to play it with. I have the black reach set, mostly painted. but there is no one to play it with.

but what got me thinking was. huh. inq28. those stuff are really cool. and i dont need to play games with them.

and thus the wheels started to turn. inspired by the novels, I started brainstorming on how i could go about making a nurgle themed renegade characters. Centred around the plague champion and the devious navigator, i got pictures off from games workshop webstore and cobbled and photobashed them together to see what i can buy and what i can greenstuff. and originally, this was before the reveal of the primaris marine, the plague marine was going to be built upon a stormcast eternal. i was gonna buy the easy to fit stormcast sprues, some mk4 helmets and back packs and there. planned it all out, was gonna cost me like nothing to have 3 cool plague marine characters. never actually got around to buying the parts. because there is only one hobby store in the country. anyways, the whole ship crew thing was very fun. and i do a bunch more characters. currently i have sketched up like....12? including the enginseer and the chapters only terminator.

time passes. i put this on the back burner and get back to it thinking "huh. all these characters ive scribbled, i aint doing anything with them" and decided the least i could do is start drawing them real good as shown here with the Ashen Shrike chapter stuff I've uploaded. 

While drawing the plague marine, it got me thinking. "you know. it would be really hard for a human to survive in a nurgle blessed ship...all these crewmen ive thought up wouldnt last a day..." and thus, the chaos god was abandoned. the file name for  the pale marine was even named "nurgmarine.psd". i had to abandon some of the cool design elements ive thought up for the nurgle themed chapter and had to give it a new one. which was the three pronged metal spikes. disappointing that i had to ditch nurgle but was pretty happy wit this new one. and with that change, the other character development really picked up pace. and hence i now have another 8 or something more lined up.

and then, few months back, rumors of new marines appeared. some leaks here and there. and then BHAM that cool looking cover for the new 8th edition rule book with what looks like mk4 helmet for both the royalists and nurgle. i was kinda glad to know that both GW and myself think that MK4 helmet is the coolest. and then BHAM, the primaris marines are revealed. And they have their story behind them. which is...what ive been kind of suspecting to happen for a long time now. since the release of the death watch and kinda reassured by the release of the triumvirates. which is that another scale creep is happening. and GW is doing it in a way that people wont freak out like they did with Age of Sigmar. really smart thing for GW and i think all these new models coming out are really worth praising GW for. even tho their lawyers eat the occasional newborn baby or two. 

anyways, getting off topic. the point was, the hype levels were off the roof. art scale marines(with some overly techy stuff that can easily be greenstuffed) that has helmets very close to mk4 helmets. and they will be facing off the death guard, visually my favorite chapter. and the death guards are getting new models surely. surely these are going to be the worthy foes to fight the newest warriors of the emperor. surely they will be wearing similarly imposing armor...surely?

time and time passes, more leaks. more cool primaris stuff. some not as cool. but p cool. but what about the death guards? who is this fat guy with mouth for stomach? is this something from The Thing? tentacles? arent tentacles for tzeenth? or slaanesh? how big are they? they dont look as big as the primaris...and they look pretty stumpy...and short...especially when compared next to primaris marines. and why does that terminator have a goofy smile on its face...

long story short. the death guard minis, from what ive seen have amazing amounts of details. but my understanding of death guards wasnt about tentacles and mutations. it was about the rot, the decay, the despair, the inescapable clutches of entropy. and also the disgusting life that is reborn from that death and decay. the very best representation, i think of this, is the artwork of the plague marine in the Siege of Vrak forgeworld book. that thing is just all decay and death.

anyways. out of the new plague marine releases/upcoming releases, only one that fits what i think of death guard is Mortarion. no goofy smiles, no teeth, no tentacles. maybe some tentacles. but not as replacements for an arm. just rot rot rot. and not to help, latest reveal of the 3 plague marine pack showed me even goofier looking plague marines.

and with that last reveal, i said "eh. fuck it. I'm gonna draw what i like. and what i like is some rotten flesh". so thats it. ive been drawing this for about 2 weeks now. it took a lot of extra effort than usual since i knew this was going to be a one off. and also it has a tonnes of small details. i put a background element that fits, lighting and shading. and i took most of the design points i had planned way back then and shoved it in here. beefy(not beer gut) and bulkier, more menacing looking. i wanted mk4 armor and the bile spewer, the weapon i loved using in Dawn of War 2, but as a pistol form. which is...nice that GW thought that was also a cool idea and decided to put into the 8th edition Death Guards. if i do end up modeling this anyways, at least i know that gets a rule and i can use it. and also a plague knife, since death guard are all about that knife/firearm combos(which i love doing in Eternal Crusade. DEATH GUARD COSMETICS WHEN!?! ...yeah its not coming). and i wanted to embody that disgustingly-resilient-ness of a plague marine. the cant-be-killed-ness, cant-be-stopped-ness. kind of like a terminator. relentless ;)

so...thats it. just explaining how this piece fits with whatever else i've been doing. how i got about to starting this whole Ashen Shrikes thing and just venting some of my disappointment at the new Death Guard miniatures. 

I am going to post like a showcasing image, because i realise a lot of the details have been made smaller through the resize and they could do well with their own separate image. just not now. its 3 am. and i took 2 hours writing this up


PS: just to clarify. the work done on the new Death Guard minis are amazing and really showcases GW plastic at their finest. Its just that its not the design route i would have personally liked. thats it. if you love it, power to you. hope you put together and paint some great looking plague marines. cos they do look really nice. 

EDIT: here is the link to the showcase…
Explains whatever needs to be explained behind some of the details


I am open for more commissions. 
Check out the following link to see more details if you are interested yourself…

You can also check me out on twitter
where I will most likely be uploading stupid joke pictures.
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that is simply amazing!
Joazzz2's avatar
the whole thing looks amazing, but that helmet design in particular is brilliant. i might steal it for my Chaos Marine models.
MistyMiasma's avatar
oh there isnt anything really special about it. its more or less(depending on how accurate my drawing is) is supposed to be just the mark 4 helmet
Joazzz2's avatar
It's the way the "snout" protrudes more than in most other modern depictions, and the very evil-looking prominent rebreather grill. It's the perfect Chaos corruption of the Mk.IV design.
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
...wait, so the Shrikes is a chaos warband?

I though they were loyalists!
MistyMiasma's avatar
the shrikes WERE originally going to be a nurgle worshipping chaos warband. but then i changed it to be just non-chaos worshiping renegades
Dgs-Krieger's avatar
Oh, I misread that 'could' as 'would'. XD

Alright then~
Apothecary-Meros's avatar
Lord Empyronaut has summoned me, and I'm rather glad he did.

To start, your artwork is fantastic: this is really what a Plague Marine ought to look like, and I can certainly appreciate your attention to detail. I especially like the corroded flamer nozzle - I dare not think what sort of damnable infection would spurt forth from that weapon.

I would also like to offer my own thoughts on your views expressed in the description. While I agree that the Death Guard models aren't all that amazing - far too silly for the Grimdark universe, like that bloke with the abacus and the other with the bell - I think the colour scheme makes them look a lot worse than they really are. Replace the random blues and purples with shades of green and brown (colours we would expect from this particular legion) and they'd come out an awful lot better. But nothing can possibly hide the fact, that one of these marines is carrying a fucking bell on his back. 

I also think the Primaris Marines are a crock of shit too. Their production was really quite lazy: most notably the sickening way in which they were introduced; I didn't think it could get worse than Guilliman and 1000 Smurfs beating back 4 full Chaos Legions on Macragge, but then I read about Baal and lost all resemblance of sanity. 

I ought not to rant too much, this is after all, supposed to be a comment dedicated to the approval of this fine piece of art. And a fine piece it is. Well done, well done indeed.
MistyMiasma's avatar
oh dont worry about ranting. if anything, i dont have any rights to complain if anyone rants considering how much i rant all the time. and my views in the description was an open invitation to have discussions whether or not they are strictly related to the art work. 

i think the paint scheme could probably the problem. i remember similar opinions mentioned in other forums while trawling the net. maybe we'll see some awesome paint jobs that makes these not look goofy. and yes. that bell looks goofy. and i think the obnoxious belltollbringerringer, or whatever the hell it is called, is the one that looks the most stumpy and ill-proportioned. but its a cool idea. nurgle always had a bell theme and it also always had the abacus motif in the lore. its nice to see it be referenced to but overall presentation was the lacking part which in turn made everything else look goofy. for example, the bell carrier here looks goofy and dumb while the bell carrier for the AoS blightkings look pretty good. and they look imposing while looking very nurgle-y

and yes. gurlyman resurrecting and introducing the primaris with his resurrection was...hmm. when i was reading it, my eyes couldnt be rolling any harder. it honestly made me wonder if matt ward was somehow rehired. resurrected even. but in terms of business, it was a "fucked if they do and fucked if they dont" kind of situation. it kinda had to be the ultramarines because it always have been the ultramarines. its what most of their advertising(for most of GW's existence) was geared to. ultramarines is the one with the most player base for new people (or so people say) since its so well known to people who are not that familiar with the 40k world. and its is the most basic vanilla chapter that everyone can add their own colors to. basically the black primer coat of the space marine faction. for example, if it was the dark angels, then there would be a lot of robes that i would be scraping off just to get some other faction that i want. blood angels, a lot of wings and teardrops. imperial fists, a lot of fists. iron hands, a lot of replacement hands. yes its the damn smurf marines. and everyone hates them cos they are the most blandest/boringest. and matt ward. but they had to be the poster boy for the 8th again because they are the most blandest/boringest. 
Apothecary-Meros's avatar
While I agree, that it had to be a chapter that appealed to the majority of the audience, I find it hard to believe that they thought the decision to - once again - make the Ultramarines the saviours of the galaxy, was done in the best interest of the fans.

On the contrary to my previous statement, maybe it didn't need to be a vanilla primarch at all. The Thousand Sons aren't really the poster boys of Chaos, yet Magnus was the first of the 40k primarch models.

I wonder how different the universe of 40k would be, if they kept the Crimson Fists at poster boy status like they did back in Rogue Trader...
MistyMiasma's avatar
oh i didnt imply that it was in the interest of their fans. maybe an interest of their fans to a point where it is just really an interest to their own bank account. 

and yes. i think having the crimson fist as the posterboy would have been pretty cool. i dont know much about the crimson fists but something about the original rogue trader cover art. feels a lot more grim dark than the ultramarines. and thus more fitting. plus, i am imagining having every space marine codex cover with a pic of a crimson fist captain with a mangled ork head in his powerfist. would have set a very different tone to the current.
Empyronaut's avatar
Perfect. Love 

Actually, I´ve read through that wall of text, and maybe you should meet :iconapothecary-meros:.

He just finished the Night Lords novels too and is going to build (more like: already started to paint) himself an army of them.
MistyMiasma's avatar
thanks for directing him to this page. interesting to see people starting new armies. having a small discussion going right now with him and hopefully whatever i post in the future could be an icebreaker to more conversations.
Empyronaut's avatar
If you both marry each other, you could put a little astronaut on your wedding cake.
That would be an appropiate way to honor me for this blessing I brought you, I guess. :hero: 

(seriously: I´m glad you get along. A plasure to connect good people like you two. Hug )
TheIvoryFalcon's avatar
A Tl:dr would be nice haha :P Anyways, this is pretty metal Metal EmoteI like all the intricate details! Cool stuff 
MistyMiasma's avatar
thanks for actually reading it. sorry if i tend to kind of ramble on
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