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Battle Sister - Adepta Sororitas

By MistyMiasma
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<insert some complaint about sisters of battle never getting plastic miniatures>

AAAAND whatever. 

anyways...looking at design of Sisters of Battle power armor.
yes. boob plates are sexist. their armor isnt armor...boob plates.
and yes. context. they are idealised images. they are gothic. they are fantasy

both of those points aside...i always wondered. how do these power armor work? which parts are powered? i can tell which parts are armored...kinda. but is the leather corset thing armor? how is it powered? how do the actuators fit in these skin tight armor? i mean. i know there are advanced servo systems available in power armors available to inquisitors and such. but those are artificer armor level stuff. and i dont think Sisters of Battle can utilise those without the black carapace or dedicated sensors or even low-level mind impulse units. they just seem to...wear the armor. also. why are the armor on the legs so thin? in the world of 40k, would these skin-tight armor do anything? and blah blah blah. the ocd just pours out of my brain.

in all honesty tho, Sisters of Battle power armor is a good mix of fantasy and plausibility within the leeway provided by its setting. so i just tweaked only few minor bits to fix those few points

- bulked out both limbs as well as giving the elbows and knees robust hinge actuators. to visually represent bulked-out-ness. i also shortened the arm sleeves to just show the hinge. i think in artworks, having sleeve that comes up to the elbow is actually a good idea in terms of engineering because it protects the exposed joints from debris. but i have no idea how the arm is powered. so i felt the need to show it off. also, makes sense to have robust and powered arm armor because sisters of battle do use bolters which are unwieldy to non-enhanced humans. in my mind, the shouders and the elbows are powered while the hand is gloved with a thick but flexible material. which would allow dexterity while allowing the wearer to swing weapons at full power. 
- the i didnt really have a problem with the original except for their skinny-ness. i bulked out the legs especially because with a power armor, a damaged leg would basically mean it becomes useless. the armor would be too heavy to move about if the legs were damaged and no longer powered. so i substantially buffed up the legs. she aint thicc. the armor is the thicc here. armor is thicc and inside its packed with actuators and so on. 
- in the original design, the only thing armored on the chest were the boobs. i mean. i guess boobs are important. but leave your midriff with just leather corset? i assume its some sort of flak material which is fine. but with the boobs so well armored, why not? and how is it powered? more importantly, how is the weight of the torso armor and the power pack supported? if it isnt properly supported, wouldnt it exert tremendous amount of stress to the wearer's spine? so same as the elbows, i just put some sort of supporting robust actuator at the front(assume the back has a similar setup).  the boobplates have been tweaked and the armor covers a bit more of the torso now. of course the waist has been left as is to leave its flexibility. 
-shoulderpads have been changed that was honestly just a stylistic choice. the overall look apes of more from medieval armor so it followed as such. would probably make it easier to swing weapons around. 
-iron halo has been styled after the setup as seen on the new primaris chaplain which i think is a really good design and a huge visual improvement over the old iron halo. thats about it. i have NEVER drawn anything from Sisters of Battle. enjoyed it. but since i am not 100% with the lore, there would probably details that i am missing. or thought processes that are misdirected. if so, lemme know


I am open for more commissions. 
Check out the following link to see more details if you are interested yourself…

You can also check me out on twitter
where I will most likely be uploading stupid joke pictures.
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Honestly, this is my favorite rendition of the Adepta Sororitas, especially as an armor nerd. And I'm glad someone thought about how the armor interacts with the body.

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im glad someone appreciates the lil bit of thinking that went into it. thank you

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very good redsign :3 *thumbs up!*
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Fast Pants Fast Pants Fast Pants 
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I glad to see Sororita armor which looks like actual powered armor.

Not like victorian linegire from a sex shop.

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-flat chest
-armor shaped to thighs
if you're going to be innacurate and whinge about "muh sexism" and boob plate, at least be consistent. 
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as i've replied to someone before. and i am requoting again.
"when i say boob plates are sexist in this instance, i am using 73 air quotation marks and rolling my eyeballs furiously like someone having a seizure. "

i know the word "sexist" is very triggering these days but if read between the lines(i didnt even think it was that obscure of a point), the word is used in context that i think its a tired old argument. and i have spent literally 1 line to "whinge about muh sexism"

and then literally, the next sentence admits the overrule of the first sentence due to context.

and if you read the next 2 paragraphs over, i literally say that i am fine with it  given the confines of the setting.

and the rest of the "whinge" is about the technical aspect of the power armor's design

so...i dunno man. chill
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The corset in the original version was worn over the plate of the torso, the plate was not just limited to the breasts.
Also the reason for the breastplate to follow the female anatomy so closely is the same reason the plate of the Sanguinary Guard follows the male anatomy to the degree it does: worship of the holy forms of Man. The Sororitas have as much a symbolic function as a military one, much like the Sanguinary Guard. And since no symbol is holier in the Imperium than the human form these units have their armours sculpted into perfected versions of said forms. (Seriously it cannot be overstated just how sacred humanity is to the Imperium, there are even some branches that consider the post-human Astartes to be impure mutants.) 
So no breastplate is not sexist, ironicly it would be sexist to claim it is. For that would suggest that the female form is either beneath or above depiction, which would be respectively mysoginy or misandry. Unless of corse muscle-plate is also sexist, it depicts equivalent imagery with the same function for the same reason after all.
As for the high heels: those are limited to the upper echelons of the Sororitas as a status symbol, nearly all ranks wear proper flat sabatons.
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as i've replied to someone before
"when i say boob plates are sexist in this instance, i am using 73 air quotation marks and rolling my eyeballs furiously like someone having a seizure. "

this was the more important part
and yes. context. they are idealised images. they are gothic. they are fantasy"

so yes. i totally understand what the point was
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I wish the Sororitas would win more fights. I mean these women are supposed to be one of the best trained and equipped Imperial Forces outside of the Adeptus Astartes and yet they seem to get mowed down like Guardsmen in almost every battle. That training and equipment plus all the abilities their faith supposedly provides ought to count for something.
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well if you are talking about in fiction... usually with warhammer fiction, whoever is on the receiving side of a gunfire usually gets mowed down regardless of who they are

if you are talking about tabletop :P no comment as i have no opinion
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Well I realize that but I’m thinking maybe GW should give them some kind of power buff. Both in the lore and on tabletop.
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well they are getting a buff in that they are FINALLY getting plastic models :P
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Thats by far not the worst kind of boob plate I've seen, seriously this is harmless - the official wrath and glory rulebook has a way worse example for boob plate :P
Really like the design, you should draw more adepta sororitas
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it seems the sororitas are really popular so it is on my list of things to do :P 
just gotta get to it

thank you for the compliment
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I either way like many of your designs and this looks really solid and more realistic then many other I've seen
you wouldn't give me the opportunity to make an art request for two special sororias? =P
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i draw on my offtimes and i take commissions if you are interested in commissioning
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Well worth a try - considering it but there are other comissions I wanted to get first
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I've always said the best use of boobplate is if it was placed over a chest piece like the one here and contained shaped claymore charges. When a physically overwhelming opponent (such as an Ork Nob, Chaos marine, Nid monstrosity, etc.) attempts to grapple a Battle Sister, she can retaliate with a fatal blast of D-cup shrapnel to the face in the name of He On Terra.

My only nitpick with your design is that it's almost too plain. Maybe just needs a fleur-de-lys on the knee or something. Otherwise this is exactly the sort of thing I hope GW are considering for their plastic Sisters come next year.
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Boob plate and high heels is necessary for the SOB since the Church can't have "men under arms."  Since the holy human form is well holy, hiding boobs (and body shame) would be skirting heresy, specially since they are the "Brides of the Emperor" i.e. heels.

"How Dare you not accept the body the Emperor gave you" = Commissar/Ecclesiarchy right before blamming

Unless you ask the Admech but they would complain that the SOB haven't earned their artificial implants(boob or otherwise) The Imperial Cult is both all encompassing (If your human your cool, heck if your a useful abhuman you get a pass).

Nipples showing might be heresy since the Slaneesh demons tend to show them.
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thank you for the reply. that is a different perspective i did not think of.
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I wouldn't sweat over it to be honest, there are a few holes in that way of thinking.

For one, if Sororitas armor needs to emulate their natural anatomy because the human form is sacred, why aren't Astartes all required to wear muscle armor, let alone the other members of the Ecclesiarchy?

The idea and title of "Brides of the Emperor" was only around during the days of Goge Vandire and his "Reign of Blood" in which he took them as his private army and harem (needless to say, he's a much hated figure in Imperial history), the Sororitas have always been known as the "Daughters of the Emperor" before and after Vandire's time. Also, i don't think there are any sources that explicitly state that heels are a fundamental part of Imperial bridal tradition.

"How Dare you not accept the body the Emperor gave you" As far as I know the Emperor (as great as he is) isn't credited with the creation of humanity, as far as the official Imperial faith goes, he's only credited for guiding and protecting humanity.
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