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Fievelchu by MistyKoopa Fievelchu :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 9 1 Cecilia Sketch: Colorized! by MistyKoopa Cecilia Sketch: Colorized! :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 1 1 My Little Kelpie by MistyKoopa My Little Kelpie :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 22 1 Dreams Through the Window Stars by MistyKoopa Dreams Through the Window Stars :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 7 1 Goodbye Geno by MistyKoopa Goodbye Geno :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 9 1
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 9
    “Hmmph. I don’t need you three to help with repairs,” Bowser said after a few moments.
    “Er, what?” Mario said.
    “You heard me! I got enough bumbling troops without you three getting in the way as well. Hah, looks like my ride is nearly here!”
    Mallow looked and saw Bowser’s famous clown copter coming this way. At first it looked like it was on some sort of autopilot, but then Mallow saw seven heads poking over the rim.
    “They sure got a lot of nerve coming to get me themselves! As soon as they land-”
    “Yes, we know. Come on, let’s get going,” Mario picked up the Geno doll and started down the path leading away from Bowser’s Keep with Toadstool and Mallow.
    “How come you’re coming with us, Mallow?” Toadstool asked. “Aren’t y
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 3 1
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 8 Part 2
    The darkness seemed to lessen slightly and suddenly they found themselves back on solid ground.
    “W-where are we?” Mallow asked as he looked around. They appeared to be at the start of an old stone path that seemed to be hovering in mid-air. Mist swirled around them. Mallow shivered; something about this place was a lot less friendly than Bowser’s Keep.
    “…Another dimension. Where Smithy resides and all the weapons we’ve fought were made,” Geno answered.
    “This is a completely different universe? And it fits inside Exor’s mouth?” Toadstool asked.
    “I don’t think it’s in Exor’s mouth so much as the mouth contains a portal that we forced ourselves into,” Geno said.
    “So, if Smithy’s in here somewhere, then we need to start looking,” sai
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 2 1
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 8 Part 1
            “Mom! Dad! We got the Star Piece!” Mallow exclaimed as he ran into the throne room. “We defeated the Czar Dragon, and he was pretty tough, but not tougher than us! And just as we got the Star Piece these Smithy Gang jerks took it away! But we chased them to their ship and fought them too, and Geno did this really cool move that took down their entire ship and we got the Star Piece back again!”
    “He’s very enthusiastic, isn’t he?” Geno laughed. “Of course, I see where he gets it from now!”
    “That’s wonderful news! Now the Star, uh, Thing can be repaired, right?” King Nimbus asked. An awkward silence fell over the group. “I guess not…you’re still missing a piece, I take it.”
    “The last Star Piece…wait! We saw a star fall into Bowser’s Keep
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 4 0
Let's do the Fluff Fluff by MistyKoopa Let's do the Fluff Fluff :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 5 4
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 7 Part 3
    Inside the tiny room Valentina had locked them in, King and Queen Nimbus were sitting sadly and quietly when footsteps rapidly approach the room; it sounded like a large group of people.
    “That doesn’t sound like Valentina,” Queen Nimbus said. A key turned noisily in the lock and the door was flung open.
    “Your majesties! Are you alright?” Strato asked them, surrounded by the rest of the guards and palace staff.
    “Ah, Strato! It’s good to see you again,” King Nimbus said, his wife and himself both standing up and smiling. Strato bowed his head.
    “Your majesties, I’m so sorry. Everything happened so quickly and we were overwhelmed. There was nothing we could do to stop them,”
    “Don’t blame yourself, Strato. Nobody could have predicted what Valentina was going to do, or what
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 3 2
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 7 Part 2
    ‘Ten-hut! All troops execute our plan, on the double!” The sergeant exclaimed at the base of the northern cliff. Sky troopas picked up Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Toadstool and flew them to the top of the cliff. Once they’d all been safely set down they flew back down to Bowser and working together, lifted him off the ground and up the cliff with the others.
    “Thanks for the lift, sergeant!” Mario said to the sergeant.
    “It is our duty to help civilians in need! Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to get started on making a new rope ladder right away!” The sergeant said, saluted, and flew off with the rest of the sky troopas.
    Mallow looked around; Bean Valley had many exotic flowers and plants growing all over the place. The sky was still cloudless, save for the one directly overhead. Mallow blinked and looked back up again. Wait, is that the same
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 2 2
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 7 Part 1
            “Well, this is about as far as I can go, but I think you can find your way from here,” the elder said to Mario. He had taken them to a rugged path north of Seaside Town. On the left steep cliffs dropped down to the ocean below, but the land sloped down gently to the right.
    “Thanks again for telling us about Monstro Town,” Mario told the elder.
    “It was the least I can after you saved our town. Good luck finding the Star Piece!” he said as he started back down to Seaside Town. Mario led the rest of the group up the path. It was a beautiful, nearly cloudless day, save for one directly to the north.
    “You know, I didn’t even know there was a settlement in Land’s End,” Mallow said while holding his new weapon, a staff called the ribbit stick. “I didn’t even know anyone travelled out this way at all.”
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 2 0
Sunken Ship by MistyKoopa Sunken Ship :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 2 0
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 6
            “That’s weird,” Geno said as they entered Seaside Town. “For a place famous as a shopping destination it’s awfully deserted.”
            “Maybe people are traveling less right now because of the Smithy Gang,” Mallow suggested. Mario shrugged.
    “Yeah, maybe. Let’s check out that gear shop over there, maybe they have something good to buy,” Mario led them over to the aforementioned shop. Inside were the two weirdest toads Mallow had ever seen. The spots on their caps were steel grey and their skin was blue.
    “This…shop…be here…buy…stuff and things…good,” the weird toad on the left said.
    “Shop…this…sell-buy…fun…here…yes,” the one on the right said.
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 2 0
The Merry Marry Bell Rings by MistyKoopa The Merry Marry Bell Rings :iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 3 1
Through the Eyes of a Frog Prince Chapter 5 Part 2
            “There you are Mario, you never returned from Tadpole Pond the other day-Princess Toadstool!”
            “I’m finally home!” Toadstool said as she stepped forward. “Mario and his friends saved me from a terrible fate!”
            “Let’s go see the chancellor right away, he’s been worried sick!” Toad led everyone to the throne room. “Chancellor, Princess Toadstool’s back!” Toad yelled as he burst through the doors of the throne room. The chancellor rushed across the throne room to Toadstool as she entered; even the mushroom retainers abandoned their posts to gather around the princess.
            “Thank the stars!” the chancellor
:iconmistykoopa:MistyKoopa 2 1


Pirate Homeworld by Cryophase Pirate Homeworld :iconcryophase:Cryophase 53 4 Smash Bros Ultimate Stickers by Genolover Smash Bros Ultimate Stickers :icongenolover:Genolover 67 7 Kimono Princesses by TheBourgyman Kimono Princesses :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 2,322 81 Pick A Box, Its Contents Will Help You On Your Way by TheBourgyman Pick A Box, Its Contents Will Help You On Your Way :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 737 34 Sunbutt Portrait by Cannibalus Sunbutt Portrait :iconcannibalus:Cannibalus 6,593 633 T-Rex Breakout by EspenG T-Rex Breakout :iconespeng:EspenG 1,682 70 Rain Tutorial + Video explanation by Neko-Rina Rain Tutorial + Video explanation :iconneko-rina:Neko-Rina 1,315 23 rain tutorial by isip-bata rain tutorial :iconisip-bata:isip-bata 3,846 197 PRINT - Evil Pony Girls by Genolover PRINT - Evil Pony Girls :icongenolover:Genolover 22 1 PRINT - CMC x Totoro Crossover by Genolover PRINT - CMC x Totoro Crossover :icongenolover:Genolover 21 2 Totoro by zarielcharoitite Totoro :iconzarielcharoitite:zarielcharoitite 138 16 Back To The Future: Straight Outta Time by TheBourgyman Back To The Future: Straight Outta Time :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 366 20 The Motely Trio by NeoSilverThorn The Motely Trio :iconneosilverthorn:NeoSilverThorn 1 0 A New Foe is Appearing! (Super Smash Sisters pt 2) by TheBourgyman A New Foe is Appearing! (Super Smash Sisters pt 2) :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 1,298 148 Super Smash Sisters by TheBourgyman Super Smash Sisters :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 4,144 805 Annoying Pink-haired Brat alias Sailor Chibi Moon by TheBourgyman Annoying Pink-haired Brat alias Sailor Chibi Moon :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 577 35


Inspired by the various Pikachu hats in Smash Ultimate and a conversation with :iconneosilverthorn: on Christmas, this picture is extremely important as it's my very first picture that is 100% digital from start to finish, courtesy of the brand new tablet :iconneosilverthorn: gave me for Christmas! Expect to see more pictures created this way in the future.
Cecilia Sketch: Colorized!
When I was going through my gallery recently I saw this sketch of Cecilia I did quite a few years back. I still liked the way the sketch looked so I decided to breathe new life into this old sketch with some color and shading! I'm still quite fond of Cecilia and feel kinda bad I've not drawn her in a while, so this is sort of making up for it. I hope everyone enjoys this new-old drawing as well.
My Little Kelpie
My Little Kelpie, I used to wonder what evil could be
My Little Kelpie, And then you shared wickedness with me!

Yeah, I couldn't resist doing something like this after watching that episode, but it took a little while to get to it. Regardless, enjoy!
Dreams Through the Window Stars
    I think there’s something missing from all of this. Wait, I know! Mallow charged up and a rain shower began for a brief moment before the clouds parted to create a brilliant rainbow all around them. Feeling something was still missing Mallow charged up again and caused shooting stars to star falling, but unlike the ones he used on Smithy, these were completely harmless. King and Queen Nimbus stood beside him, and Prince Mallow Nimbus knew everything would be alright.

And the very last of the illustrations is my own take on the very last time we see Mallow and his parents. I'm not sure about the shooting stars, but I quite like how the rainbow effect turned out.</span>
Goodbye Geno

    “Why are you all so sad? I’m not dead, you know!” a familiar voice spoke. Mallow opened his eyes; a tiny star with a face floated above the doll.


    “Don’t be sad now,” the star said as he flew around and gently touched each of their hands. “I’ll always be your friend, and I’ll watch over all of you forever. I promise.”

    The star circled around them one last time before flying away after the Star Pieces. Despite what he had said, Mallow was certain he saw tears streaking down the star’s face as he flew away.

Just like with the Chapter 6 illustration, I originally intended to do a big battle scene featuring everyone, but I just couldn't get it right, so I tried this instead. I like it, and consider it something of a representation of how we never see Mallow or Geno again. Truth be told the ending gets to me every time, and it's largely for this reason (that and the music).

I always felt like "Ridley is too big" was the biggest bullshit excuse ever. I mean, Kirby, Captain Olimar, and King Dedede are considerably scaled up from their official sizes, and Bowser is scaled down (sometimes significantly) from his official size. I feel like Metroid is finally getting some of the representation/respect it's long deserved. Now if Dark Samus got in as well to smash everyone using Phazon the Metroid franchise would be all good.

UPDATE: I am now completely satisfied. I don't think there can be anything else to Smash to make me happier (well, not realistically anyways).
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Misty Koopa
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Just a chick that probably plays too many Nintendo games (among other things). I've had this account since my teenage years, and I've improved (and matured!) a lot since 2003. Hope you enjoy what you see!



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