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Victorian-ish Jacket: Done

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Published: September 17, 2009
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I'd like to start by saying that this is only my third major sewing project, so I am pretty proud of myself despite various flaws and things I could have just done better.

Ok, so... this thing is done. I might add trim to the bottom of the cuffs to hide the seams. I had to figure out how to do oversized cuffs like that myself, and I couldn't do it without having a seam all along the bottom... the trim would hide that.

Anyway, this is the result of mashing together two patterns and stuff in my own head. The front part was taken from a halloween costume pattern with an underbust bodice. It originally laced in the back, so I had to edit the front to have buttons and look like a vest. The sleeves and back of the jacket are from a Butterick pattern that I have already sewn. The draped skirt in the back, the cuffs, and the collar are all my own doing.

I made the choker out of scraps of fabric, the remaining bit of lace from my last project, and a pendant my friend got me years and years ago... middle school, I think.

I'm styling my hair all crazy like and putting feathers in it. It looks cool in my head... we'll see!

And the green dress is from David's Bridal... it's from my stint as a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding.

Now... on to my husband's outfit for the ball.
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Eidolons-NepentheHobbyist General Artist
I love the jacket you've constructed!!
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Eidolons-NepentheHobbyist General Artist
*clings to your skirt*
Tell me! What patterns did you bastardize to make such a glorious-looking jacket!
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gotherinefoxxProfessional Traditional Artist
Do you do custom work?
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taeliacProfessional Artisan Crafter
That is utterly the best use for a bridesmaids dress ever! :glomp:

The colors go so well together - at least the dress wasn't a bright pink or something like that :giggle:

((can I give you a slight suggestion on it, or would that upset you? Just wanna check ^^;))
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Heh, well.. it's too late to make anything other than the most superficial of changes for this one, but if it can help with future projects... go right ahead and share.

The lining is wonky, I know... and I probably did things all wrong because I was sort of making it up as I went. :(
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taeliacProfessional Artisan Crafter
Actually, it's an easy change! The only thing that I see is that the buttons are off center ^^; You could fix it by adding a second line of buttons in the same place on the other side (no button holes, just on the top layer of the jacket) making it look like a double-breasted jacket! Other than that, I think it's beautiful - you did an amazing job with it framing your bust line (I love that look like nothing else :love:) and all of the colors! :love:

Hehe, linings are always wonky - it's hard to figure out which way you need to do them, and there are so many ways to screw it up (I do it all the time still ^^;)


I can't wait to see pictures of you in it this coming weekend!! :love: One year, I'll get to AWA!
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I must admit, I purposefully made the buttons off-center... I thought that would make it look more like a vest-y-type-deal. Maybe I should have exaggerated it a bit more and brought the "flap" over farther?
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taeliacProfessional Artisan Crafter
Hrm... well, I think it's too off balance - usually, when you have vests like that, they're double-breasted, or at least have that balance to them ^^; It's a little too heavy and off, because you don't have any other pieces of asymmetry on the garment - perhaps of there was a swag either in that direction, or the other, in the front, or even on the back bustle, it may help to balance it, but it kinda looks a little weird just having the single line of buttons on the one side, without anything else in the same tone ^^; But, that's just my two cents, feel free to ignore it :D
MistyKat's avatar
I guess that I don't find them weird because that's just how I always envisioned the vest-y part to be off center like that.... Looking at it again, I can see where someone who hasn't been in my head this whole time would think, "huh.... what's going on there?"

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts! I really appreciate it. :D
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nice work ;] i like the concept ;]
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Thanks! I had to pull something together for the formal ball at Anime Weekend Atlanta... and this is it.
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Very nice job, and truly inpressive for a third project! I'm particularly impressed with the back. That's lovely detailing. Well done!
MistyKat's avatar
Thank you! It was definitely a learning experience... I hope I have more time to keep sewing and learning!
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veririaaHobbyist Digital Artist
>> I want that for myself. I'd wear it...Every day!

Well, not really. I'd have to wash it sometimes :>

It is lovely! Great job!
MistyKat's avatar
Awww... thanks.

You know.. I don't even think I can wash it... might be dry-clean only. ^_^
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Plucky-lassHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Very nice
MistyKat's avatar

Love your signature. ^_^
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