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Things to get done this week:

  • Draft of CLv3 Story: Twinkling Wishes
  • Draft of When Women Wish For Bigger, Day 0
  • Draft of Princess of Gay Space
  • Draft of script for Steal My Soul #1
  • Draft of A New Position
  • Stub of By Her Mercy
  • Unpack Split Wishes
  • Two Warm-Ups

As seems to be the case with the polls, things got out of hand. As it is, I am going to seed the rest of the characters based on how many notes their story has + similar relevant stats on other sites. That said, [today’s poll is about your favorite Turn-based Strategy Game] for, well, reasons. Tomorrow’s poll will likely be about an element of the CLv3 story I plan to kill this week.

Also over on my Patreon, PubClub Ongoing: Birthday Party #3, went up. For those who are not part of my PubClub, the story so far centers around a woman named Harujime meeting her three friends and coworkers--Ayumi, Jeska, and Yukari--to celebrate Jeska’s 26th birthday. 

So far, there’s been a yuri teaser and an innocuous decision to have the meet up be at a sushi bar. While Haru walked to the sushi place, we saw Yukari’s sweet motorbike. After that, we met the other women briefly before having Haru decide who she would sit next to. What did that mean for this week’s chapter? [We find out who among her friends Haru happens to be dating in secret]--and there is a question about cupcakes which will likely have some... interesting effects on our heroine and her friends. The poll closes Friday at midnight!

The updates to my [Story Index] are mostly done. I need to update a lot of tags as far as settings go--since every story now broadly falls into either one these below locations (typically grouping stories by genre, by sometimes by more prevalent themes). Most of these links will not work right now or will contain a single story.

Derp. I keep forgetting to do these!

Anyway, stories! There are a lot of them v@;; I am finishing up the [Story Index] refactor tonight and want to knock out at least one small piece in the next two hours.

Also, Patreon polls about characters! 

Oof! January feels like it was two weeks, but I still did okay on my goals. My average word count per day was 786, so not too far off of 800. I did not write a warm up every other day, but I feel like I also wrote a boatload of content for Ultimate Pump that I have not completely accounted for.

I got two items out of my backlog, and I am happy to say Princess of Gay Space is probably happening soon since “VariantResponse” wants me to do that for a month to take a break from Aine’s Story. I finally have a cast for Cute Little Darkness as well so, hopefully, I get to them n.n.

In case you missed it Only Good Boys... went up on Tumblr recently. If you are into D/s dynamics between hugely endowed Amazonian women who just recently got much bigger their significant others, it is probably worth you time n.n

Mature Content

While I mostly use it as an internal link on tumblr, I updated the [eroMall] page so if you want to quickly glance at everything on my [ storefront], you can do so there as well.

On the Patreon front, we hit $250, which means Character of the Month is now a thing. Considering that the polls to seed characters are still in progress, I will probably make an executive decision about who gets art, a full bio, and a quintet story this month. 

Those polls, by the way, are [Here for flight 1] and [Here for Flight 2]. Justine has been owning Flight 1 and, coincidentally, her co-star Kimmi is rocking Flight 2. I guess you all really like Fidgeting With Reality n.n Speaking of polls, the next PubClub ongoing “Birthday Party” is in full swing and [the poll] to determine the next scene closes Saturday.

After the [post today] with [artwork of Sabine and Lyla(nna)] from :iconmuscle-fan-comics:, as well [all of your responses], I am thinking about changing the goals on Patreon from a “Budget for Changelog” to “Getting Art Done of Characters.” I had not expected that Changelog would actually support itself in terms of income and you all have been astonishingly supportive in that regard. Not 100% on the specifics just yet, but am rolling it around in my mind.

Beyond that, work today was dull again as the cooling off period continued. Going to bring headphones tomorrow and crash through courses on Java to get back up to speed on actually doing programming and not just hacking shell scripts together XD. 

did get a finalized outline done for Split Wishes, and I think I might put that up as a WIP post over on [Patreon] since I am a bit split on one element... Speaking of, if you are a $1+ patron and have not voted in today’s poll about different configurations of [Different Sex, Same Gender Pairs] (i.e. Cis Woman/Trans Woman or Altersex Man/Trans Man), make sure to go do so n.n

Anyway, got a lot to get done tonight! [Do keep sending me characters of mine] that were memorable to you, it can only help me make a decision about “Art Goals”

 So I did a lot last year, and some of it was even stuff I was supposed to do! Funny how things like vacuuming, laundry, or book keeping become super* important* when I have a story that I am stuck on. I tried to fight that as much as possible, and it shows in my word count, but a lot of that time ends up being me sitting at my desk pushing words around on a page like a picky eater being told they cannot leave the table until they finish their Brussels sprouts. As such going to work on doing things smarter this year, instead of just flailing about and part of that is goals. Goals like these…

I want to average 875-900 words per day. In order to grow my output by 10% and reach a modest goal of 330k makes sense and this is the work count I need to have daily to even come close. I think with me counting other stuff like this post and work I do for Ultimate Pump such a goal is totally achievable.

- I want to write a warm up at least every other day. However, instead of trying to meet a word count with them, I want to spend no more than an hour on each. Not sure how that will go, but it is worth a try. That said, I will have an announcement post about it that will get updated with asks as the year goes along.

I want the PubClub Ongoing to update more often. I feel like I fell asleep on this one after changing the story from Ivy, the Pursuader to On Your Six (a yuri about eSports athletes). Part of that is the mixed feeling I get from my $5+ patrons, only a third of them voted in the last story’s poll and I am not sure if it is ambivalence to what I am polling on or the story not being sexy enough. Will probably spend the next week doing some public polls to get an idea of what people want to see in a CYOA Ongoing.

- Speaking of polls, I want to get back to running regular polls on Patreon. I think I tried to go too hard and ended up burned out on a lot of the things I wanted to ask. Now, with a new year ahead of me, I feel like I can maybe plan weeks of content out better. Further, with me working on Ultimate Pump, there is a lot of great things I can ask about how people play games, engage with characters. So expect to see some questions from last year

- And finally, I desperately need to crush my backlog. I have 33 outstanding stories, not counting patron work this month. While a portion of those are two large stories chunked up a bit for ease of writing, nearly half are outstanding requests from 2016! I ended up stalling out on them when I scrapped the plot for Demi Twins four times and let Cute Little Darkness grow to an unwieldy size.

 So yeah, just a couple things, really. More soon!

Wow! 2017 was an adventure (and then some) both here as Misty and in my more mundane day-to-day life. While my situation has improved overall and I am really looking forward to my new position, there is a lot I still feel uncomfortable about sharing in an open venue.

I do, however, feel at ease being transparent about how my writing has been going. By the numbers, I improved over last winter’s output (Q6 vs Q2) and last summer is kind of an unfair comparison since Q0 is just Jun’16.

As I have said before, I am pleased to have met my goal (just barely) of getting 300,000 words published in the year, but that is a bit below where I want to be on a words per day basis. My mentor in my MFA committed to at least 1000 words every day, whether in her novel or writing reviews and that metric is my true goal. I do think that I am going to get better at tracking the word counts of things like the community posts I am doing for Ultimate Pump and my rambles about things over on @mistyfandom and had I thought about it earlier, I would have kept better track.

By my count, I have 33 outstanding stories. A couple of them are works put on hold by the commissioner. A few are merely parts of a larger story broken up and nearly half of that number (16 to be exact) are requests from 2016 that I still want to get done. No bones about it, I want to crush this number hard and get back down to a single digit backlog by March.

For those curious about how the year looks, my Word Count dashboard is below the jump if you ever wondered just how many words I put out in a given quarter span or how 2017 stacks up to 2016. The screenshot also includes “lifetime” metrics for total word counts based on story size, how many of each I have written, and how many words each size category story has on average. 

Working on a goals post and will have that up soon. Until then, be excellent to each other!

In case you missed it on tumblr, I am doing a 33% off sale since I hit 300k in word count for the year.

So you can get CLv1 and Clv2 (just the text ed.) along with a few single story pdf files for just $9! So if you wanted to grab a couple hundred pages of fiction for cheap, head over to my store and snag the bundle before Jan 1st n.n
Announcing ChangeLog v2! by mistyfdfa

Art by :iconmoxydoxy:

Hey all!

If you have already gotten your copy of Changelog v2, you have seen all of these changes (and probably more) first hand. For those of you debating on picking up the collection over reading the online versions though, this should give you an idea of just how different CLv2 versions are.

Check them out after the jump and, if you like what you see, get your copy on [] for as little as $4 for the text only version.

My Chimeric Fiancee (Revised | 9060 words, up from 1319)

Now almost seven times as long, My Chimeric Fiancee (formerly Busted!), has been hugely reworked after absorbing what is effectively two sketches worth of words.

  • Moved the starting point back, adding a scene ahead of Eddie sitting in the exam room
  • This provided an opportunity for more world-building for [A Present Fantasy] in the form of history about status of chimeras
  • The waiting room scene gave me the space to work-out Eddie's backstory, hopefully developing her character so that her very dramatic transformation makes sense
  • Added another component to Eddie and Christine's relationship by having her evolving into a domme after being a submissive
  • Reworked Christine's alterations so that they made more sense as to why she could seemingly grow indefinitely and also go back to a reasonable size
  • Added an appearance from Tiffany with the updates to her physique from Combination Sale
  • Altered the conversation with Dr. Xurnami to better align with Eddie's new non-binary status
  • Removed the animalistic transformation in the exam room and expanded description of other physical changes
  • Added scene of Eddie’s intense experience of growing a vagina
  • Expanded on the epilogue, turning it into full-sized BDSM pet-play scene with a good amount of sex
  • Reworked Eddie's animalistic transformation into the pet-play, added a component of additional submission into her becoming a canid-human chimera

Witch's Brew (Revised | 15843 words, up from 4104 (770 from TierynBE))

:icontieryn227: and I did updates to the story, but there is, undeniably, a thick coat of Misty-colored paint which swelled the already sketch-sized story nearly four times larger.

  • Moved the scene with Muriel the witch from being the transition to being the prologue-like opening
  • Alluded to the potions the ladies took
  • Changed the single Breast expansion potion into a clutch of 2-3oz drinks to better convey amounts of liquid consumed
  • Altered events before the story started, soaking Allie in the lust inducing potion and splashing Bala with it to lubricate their evolving relationship
  • Gave Bala a back story which implies she married a knight who was then killed and she was captured as a result, after which, she suffered some amount of sexual or physical abuse. Freed from that, she was brought to the abbey an emotionally wounded woman.
  • Gave Allie a back story where her lesbian orientation resulted in her being taken to the abbey to be exorcised and ultimately reprogrammed
  • Had their affection for each other be the catalyst to finding the strength to face their pasts which also helped to explain their long-standing attraction on the other side of the reality warp
  • What had just been competing growth is now a long sexy scene as they become more and more enamored with each other, which makes their semi-committed relationship in the other world make more sense
  • Used an "Hourglass" potion to bump Allie and Bala up to their absurd sizes
  • Reworked the sex scene after the second lust potion
  • Expanded Allie's Initial Altersex Transformation
  • Improved Allie's Height and Muscularity
  • Further Expanded Allie's Altersex Transformation with another round of a the "Eggplant" potion
  • Further increased Bala's size with a lactation potion
  • Did a full page splash of the orgasmic fucking that wraps up the story
  • Reworked the epilogue to confirm that Allie was still massively hung and to give a full scope of Bala's size

To Boldly Grow (Revised | 6738 words, up from 5011)

This one was a lot of up front changes, but not a lot of growth. When I first wrote this, I was trying very hard to present as unquestionably femme. So the story was focused on portraying that. Now, I feel comfortable in my identity and I wanted to rework the story in that regard. 

I had intended to expand the ending sex scene, but by time I got to working on this I was already super heavy on wordcount. Maybe some other time n.n”

  • Misty's sex is now XXY and presentation is non-binary
  • Initial transformation makes Misty XX
  • Further expanded and revised the transformation sequences, especially the corruption climax
With Changelog v2 out and about, it is time to get new work done and out to you all look for more new stories here and on tumblr!

Lots to do, so see you all when I get some headway!
Hey, if you got a copy of Changelog, do me a big favor and submit a review to my Google for that?

Your feedback makes the next one better!

Two “upsets” at the top of the bracket, but, honestly, that a warm up and a micro fiction were my best overall rated stories is actually really encouraging. It means that my doing the warm ups on a regular basis is being enjoyed.

That said, the semi-finals, which close at midnight 7/31, are as follows

Left Side Finalist: The (Don’t Have to) Series v The Gift that Keeps Giving
Right Side Finalist: Goddess By Proxy and Choice v Witch’s Brew

Looking forward to what you all pick!

You voted and I did some math for seeding and now, behold!

These are the match ups for Reader’s choice. The quarter final links below will be open until Wednesday at midnight. then we shall get into the semis which will run until Saturday. The finals will end the following Wednesday!

Determine the winner of 1/8 Altersex Goddess v the (Don’t Have to) series
Determine the winner of 2/7 Growing Hangover v Goddess by Proxy + Choice
Determine the winner of 3/6 Witch’s Brew v CamDevil
Determine the winner of 4/5 Gift That Keeps Giving v A Hair Too Much Scale

* Seeding was based on votes in the previous poll, then by total notes. In the case of multi-work entries, an average was taken. That recent warm ups and micro fictions are up against stories I consider some of my better early pieces is super fascinating to me. Really interested to see where this all goes.

* Expect to see this post around lunch each day until Wednesday.

Story SitRep

Finishing up the Monthly Commit and then well,

- MF: Temperence
- MF: Fidgeting with Reality #3 - Justine survives finals thanks to the cube
- FL: My Date is a Mage #3 - Jaya and Basa go shopping
- FL: Table Top #1 - A Magical board game changes two friends
- SK: Lost and a Fae - Aine finds herself alone with Jadine again as Clara and Carissa try to get back from the Far Shore.
- SK: The Hive - You would never believe the advances in medical technology!
- SK: The Queen - An experimental weapon feeds off emotional responses
- SK: Private Commission

Plus… [Everything on the To Do list!] and catching up the backlog of stuff not posted elsewhere… I really should just set up my own site >.<;;


The polls for the [theme of Changelog v2] and whether the original story will be [new or a follow up]. Both close on the 18th at 11:59p (EDT).

First off, I want to say thanks again to everyone who has bought a copy of [Changelog]. For those curious this is what the poll looks like for the next volume’s theme...

Starting to look like the next volume is going to be altersex focused, but my stories from Witch World could make a comeback!

Story Sit Rep

Monthly Commit #3 should be up in the next couple days, aiming for this one to be longer than the other two have been. I also have some great micro fiction stories to work on including Fidgeting with Reality. On the docket as well are A Fae in the City, My Date’s a Mage, and some other commissions that I would not want to spoil just yet (but trust me, they are going to be something else).

Beyond that, not much going on. If you bought Changelog, I would love it if you left me a review on its page or via message here.

If you bought a copy of Changelog v1, either directly or via, leaving me a review on the collection’s page or even sending an anon ask would be greatly appreciated so that I can adjust to better meet expectations for v2 in October.

Things like…

- Did you enjoy the stories? Was there a story you did not like?
- Did you feel the stories fit the theme?
- Did you feel the stories were of a quality caliber?
- Did the art of a scene improve the story? Would you have preferred an actual “centerfold”-esc pin-up?
- Did you feel the previously available sketches were markedly better after revisions and expansions?
- And so on…


I know I keep saying this, but almost done with Changelog stuff and moving onto A Fae too Far.

Speaking of Changelog...If you are a patron of mine, [the poll to vote on the next collection’s themes] is up and closes in about two weeks. The two highest rated themes will face off with each other in another poll mid-July.

Thinking about doing the second FetLit workshop on Discord so there is more of a community feel. If you would like the link to the general chat, send me a PM and I will give it to you. 

Keep in mind however, this is predominantly a tool for writers to hone their craft. If you ask to join and then either do not regularly produce work or provide critical feedback on posted works, you will be removed from the server.

Tagging ExpansionWriters because I am sure there are some in that group who will want in

Story Sit Rep

A bunch of stuff went up since [the last Conf. Call] and there is more to come this week! If you missed it, we had a story about [A Dark Elf on a Pilgrimage], [A Woman Becoming a Drider], and [Some Penis Expansion Shenanigans].

Getting started on the first half of a two part story next and then of course there is [the to do list].

Patreon Stuff

There is new [$1+ poll to determine the fantasy race] of a character in an upcoming flash fiction piece. It closes about this time tomorrow, at which point I will have another poll to post. The direction of the next on-going segment has been decided, so expect that soon if you are $5+ patron. 

I also want to shout out to two new patrons, both of whom I owe a story to this month. At this point we are $164 out of $200 to reach the first art budget milestone.

Looking for a story of mine? | Want to support me in some way?

Geez, is it the end of May already?

Story Sit Rep

Going to knock out some Micro Fictions this evening then get starter on the first of two Board Game stories. Also have another flash commission this month and, based on conversations, is likely turning into an ongoing set in the same world as [Twist My Arm], [Keep Me Growing], [Worship Me], and [My Gooey Girlfriend]. My 1k and 1.5k stories from the workshops will probably go up Friday.

The [to do list] has been updated.

Patreon Stuffs

The poll for the next chapter of The Monthly Commit ends in two days. If you are a $5 patron and have not yet read the first chapter, [here is the link]. Other than that, there is not much on the horizon beyond the first volume of Changelog.

Keep being awesome!

April Micro Fiction StoriesThis is a collection of short stories. Some are NSFW and some are SFW. If you know what I tend to write, you have a good idea of what is in here.
Warrior swells to fight carnivorous dinosaur in post-apocolyptic wilderness.
    Taraga and her hunting band were having no luck. The herd had started moving before dawn and even the elderly were not straying. As the sun rose and the temperatures climbed, the half-saurian beasts finally came to a stop in the ruins of town long lost to time. The island of Mana Tan scraped the ruddy red sky on the horizon, its fractured buildings like great jaws.
    She and her team of three hunkered down in the ruins of a Dubba Wa. Jeriann and Sadoni took up ambush positions. Korthen knocked a whistling arrow and let it fly into the herd closest to their hiding place.
    Caribou bolted in all directions, spouting fire as they bayed in terror. Jeriann and Sadoni fired at the beasts’

  • Teji, the Slime Woman experiments further
  • A guy turning into a woman on his birthday after getting a phone call
  • Crossing Thresholds
  • Charity
  • Shapeshifter messes with tailor during a dress fitting.
  • A warrior swells to fight carnivorous dinosaur in post-apocolyptic wilderness.

May Micro Fiction StoriesThis is a collection of short stories. Some are NSFW and some are SFW. If you know what I tend to write, you have a good idea of what is in here.
Woman who became altersex overnight finds that her clothes no longer fit
    Melinda’s alarm sounded much sooner than she expected. Had she fucking left her weekday alarm set? Even so, she had only gotten home. She was sure it had been just after midnight then, right? Yet, as she gripped her phone and swiped the alarm, that was indeed the time on the screen.
    “ much did I drink last night? I feel so heavy.” She went back to lying facedown on her bed, but could not get comfortable. Pushing her hands under her, it felt like she was laying on her pillow. No, more like she had stuffed it into her shirt.
    As she rose from her mattress, her t-shirt grew tighter and the fabric of the pillow was rubbing her nipples. She tugged the collar over her

  • Woman who became altersex overnight finds that her clothes no longer fit